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The problem-cause-solution pattern reflects a form of critical thinking that tends to be more argumentative and evaluative. You may find this pattern useful in writing case studies, critiques, introductions, reports of scientific investigations, literary reviews, political and social discourse, white papers, proposals, many kinds of reports, and essay examinations.

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Learn how to write an IELTS problems and solutions essay about overpopulation in urban areas.

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More and more people are moving away from an agricultural background to relocate to cities in order to look for work. What will be the consequences of this? What solutions can you offer? PTE Problem Solution Essay – Why are Farmers Moving to the Cities PTE Problem Solution Essay – Why are Farmers Moving to the Cities People are moving to the cities for better life and work. People living in rural areas also want a good life which they can […]

IELTS Writing Task 2: problem and solution - ielts …

One of the most pressing problems facing the world today is overpopulation. What policies do you believe governments should adopt to address the causes and effects of this problem? Here is PTE Essay On Overpopulation – Causes, Effects, Problems, Solutions The most pressing problem being faced by the governments of the world the overpopulation. It is a big concern for many countries specially developing countries. Overpopulation gives rise to many other problems like depletion of natural resources, degradation of the […]

Prior to Johannes Gutenberg'ssolution to the problem of molding movable type, books were handwritten and hand copied.
A problem-solution essay is an essay that uses analysis of problems and solutions ..

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there are three strategies that will be useful for writing a problem-solution essay:

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