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And while fighting the war on terror may mean a concentration on conventionalweapons in the short term, one of the Bush White House's ultimate aims isa Star Wars system composed of a combination of sea, space and ground-basedinterceptors that will protect "the homeland" against rogue states.

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It is bad enoughthat they lay on their "War against terror", and sickeningly urge the USto attack Afghanistan, while possibly also using film of manipulated eventsto boost their argument.

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Guardian - Monday November 12, 2001The war against terrorism, the prime minister tells us, could last for yearsand, although only one country has been bombed so far, it has been made clearthat any country which is suspected of harbouring terrorist groups couldbe attacked.

The two nations leading the so-called 'war against terror', the USA and UK,are in fact in the poorest position to be so self-righteous.
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This article brings you back to the only way that terrorist have really been defeated: by changing the living conditions of the populations from where their recruits come and by prosecuting the most extreme and hard core as delinquents or criminals. Declaring a war against them is saying they are worthy of the ultimate state of mobilization a country can achieve, nothing else can be done after this, therefore if it fails, it equals defeat. On the other hand, downsizing them to "crooks" takes a part of their panache away.
This has been applied and has worked (in Chile, the return to democracy led to the extinction of the “Lautaro��? terrorist/freedom-fighter group, while the Manuel Rodriguez Patriotic Front seized the moment and became a political movement).

This order to control global terrorism nations also started a ‘war against Terrorism ..

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The way that I see it (after a great deal of research) is that 9/11 and other incidents were not pulled off by Muslim groups, rather by a cooperative consisting of Israeli intel agents and American military/industrial agents. Together, with the aid of American media interests, they've been framing Muslims for actions that they have had no involvement in. The aim of this is to turn western public opinion against Muslims and to create plausible rationales for war. Their hope is, that with enough of this, they will be able to initiate real terror actions rising from the Muslim community. If they are allowed to continue with this evil theater of theirs, they will achieve their goal of causing a flow of genuine reaction from these heretofore overwhelmingly passive peoples. The only hope we have to stop this is to immediately recognize the phony nature of the "Islamofascism" rhetoric and to expose the real culprits behind 9/11, none of whom were Islamic militants, rather they were the *enemies* of Islam and those that covet the oil beneath Arab land.

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Nice essay. I'm so frustrated with what's happened to liberal democracy. The administration and their supporters are making a ton of money on the wars, security theater, and they'll make a great deal more as they scale up oil production. Eisenhower warned us about the military-industrial complex becoming too powerful more than 40 years ago. Organizations like the TSA (and DHS, FEMA, CIA,etc) are created and never go away even if everyone outside were to agree the agency adds little value because law enforcement organizations become self-perpetuating. If the terror were to subside the TSA will redefine its mission to ensure its ongoing survival. I'm not saying that all of these agencies should be abolished, but there are a lot of US federal agencies that long ago reached a point where they are no longer worth their expense.