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In my classroom, once we have personified several language arts vocabulary words in the writer's notebook, I have students "reserve" a page where they will eventually personify three vocabulary words they learn, one from science class, one from math class, and one from social studies class. I usually give them a deadline of three weeks to finish this W.A.C. task. I, of course, have to remind them repeatedly that they have this task coming up, and I require them to share possible ideas about W.A.C. vocabulary words with each other during my language arts time. In my case, it is also helpful to let my science, math, and history colleagues know we are doing this; that way, they can prompt the students with "Do you think any of these new words might be personified for your assignment in Language Arts?"

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In one of Barry Lane's best books----the author has a great assignment called the "Wacky Fashion Show," where students not only personify vocabulary, but they also turn their words into "models" walking down a runway at a fashion show. Students create the script for the announcer at the fashion show who is describing the models' outfits but also using verbs and adjectives that are related to the vocabulary words' meanings.

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If you don't have PowerPoint, you can click for the PDF version, but you're missing out on the animations I've put in to maximize discussions among your students as they learn a bit more about personification and some great vocabulary words.

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Ralph Fletcher, in his suggests that students record and celebrate interesting words they really like in their writer's notebooks. I have always thought this was a good idea, and designing this lesson gave me a new way to celebrate vocabulary: personifying it. For this notebook page, I ask students to think of interesting vocabulary words they know and really like, based on the meaning, based on sound of the word, or based on a personal experience with the word. My two favorite words are defenestrate (because of its meaning) and cacophonous (because of its sound). My teacher model (see below) celebrates these two words in a creative way, which I think Ralph Fletcher would agree when I claim, "This is an excellent way to celebrate vocabulary words uniquely in one's writer's notebook."

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Students, during this lesson in my class, select recently-learned vocabulary words and they personify those words into living beings they can draw and explain in their notebooks. The explanation must show knowledge of each vocabulary word's meaning as students describe their personified word's personality, clothing, accessories, relationships with other vocabulary words, etc. Debra Frasier's picture book, , provides a great model for this task; the book's main character personifies the word miscellaneous for her school's vocabulary parade.

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The lesson below has students create a two-page spread for the notebook: one page is for language arts vocabulary words; the other page personifies three vocabulary words, one from each of the other three content areas. We create the two-page spread in my language arts classroom, and then I can alert my three teaching colleagues that they have a new vocabulary processing tool they can use in their own subjects' learning logs.

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To personify a vocabulary word, one must ask, "If this word was a person, what kind of person would it be? Male or female? Old or young? Nice or mean? And how can I add details to the person that somehow relate to the meaning of the word?" I find there are four easy ways to begin personifying a vocabulary word in a way that reflects a word's meaning; one or all of these suggestions usually gets my students' brains kick-started: