How To Write Essays: A Guide For Using Similes & Metaphors

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Reasons to Use Metaphors
Metaphors are many tools that writers can use to metaphor essay topics Use Metaphors
Metaphors are used for three reasons:
Metaphors: Tips
When using a metaphor, the same two ideas to make them more intriguing and to metaphor essay topics mix metaphors.

Writing an essay: using similes & metaphors

Using Metaphors and Similes Effectively - Writing Tips

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Let’s take a look at several rules for using metaphors in your essay (provided that you are at high-school or college level, and not a professional in writing). The same rules are valid as regards of other figures of speech.

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I establish the vocabulary word--metaphor--every school year with the poem "" by Judy Brow. It's a copyrighted poem, but you can usually find someone out there who has posted it at a blog or educational website using a simple Google search. Through our discussion of the poem, we leave class with the metaphor: "Education is a fire that must be equally tended by teachers as well as students." A few months into each school year, I remind them of that first day's discussion by posting that very metaphor as the "Metaphor of the Week." They recognize the idea, and we remember the poem, and I can ask them, "So how have you been doing with the part of the fire you're supposed to be 'tending?'"

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Similes and metaphors can be used to convey ideas as well as offer striking images

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