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Those countries that have endured the twin horrors of a banking crisis and housing crash have seen sharp rises in their youth unemployment rates. Besides the increases in Britain and the US, Ireland's rate is above 30pc and Spain's north of 50pc. However pernicious the effects of the financial crisis, it does not offer a full explanation for the current predicament facing many countries.

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Lessons can also be learnt from Germany, where youth unemployment is about 8pc. Companies have tax incentives to provide training to young people and reduce their hours, rather than make them redundant, when the economic backdrop is tougher.

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"Even if we had consistently very good economic growth, we'd still have important structural issues behind youth unemployment," Summers says. "The biggest development is the increasing amount of routine work of any kind – whether mental or physical – that is no longer being valued as it once was. That's partly through technological substitution and partly because of global competition for jobs."

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"Youth unemployment has never been a more serious problem," he says. "All the studies and data show that when young people have a career path and get in the habit of working hard, the benefits are long-term. We're not just talking about early in life."

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So let’s forget misplaced nostalgia and address the heart of the problem. Youth unemployment has been rising for a decade; the financial crisis can’t take all the blame, but it can teach us to challenge easy assumptions.

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Today, the complexity of everyday life increases with an unprecedented rapidity. Although one of the elements that has enabled Inuit to survive the rigors of life in the Arctic has been their incredible ability to adapt, the speed and degree of change in our society has taken its toll on the people and culture. The most dramatic and pervasive changes have perhaps occurred as a result of the wage economy. Whereas Inuit in pre-settlement days were always fully "employed" in the day-to-day business of survival, the modern unemployment rate in some communities can now exceed 60 per cent. This problem stems from past errors and cross-cultural difficulties, and it has had a devastating impact on a great number of Inuit families. The acquisition of southern skills has been slow. The strain that this places on Inuit society remains one of the indelible legacies of the imposition of a community lifestyle.