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Tourism is one of the major source of foreign exchange. Every year thousands of foreigners come to India as a result of which we earn a lot of foreign exchange. Tourism helps in the development of economy of a country. It helps in the overall GDP development of a country. It helps the local people to earn their livelihood. The tourists spend lavishly during vacation hence the local people engaged in assisting the tourists earn a good income.

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Yes, I didn’t put tourism. Mainly because it is irrelevant to the essay. But it’s a good technique to include it all, particular if you are not clear about the main issue and an extraneous point.
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Hi Mam i am Varun From India. Is it good to take stance in the introduction paragraph in both types of essays as you have done ( Arguement as well as Discussion essays )?
What do you think would it be better to take stance in introduction paragraph in case of Arguement Essay and in conclusion paragraph in Discussion Essay?
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Essay on “Tourism in India” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.
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Here we are with essay Tourism brings economic and social prosperity describing about the role of tourism in economic growth of the developing countries by bringing social prosperity, employment and foreign currency. Read about essay on Tourism brings economic and social prosperity.

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We operate travels for two various divisions, one is for providing cabs to the corporate and business and other is for bounding tourism in and around South India and also in Chennai.

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