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The course addresses various aspects of the so-called Third World, so the students will be able to critically relativize the concept, its causes and, above all, its political and economic role. The first part focuses on a theoretical examination of several key concepts, inter alia, the Third World, (under)development, progress, growth, democracy, epistemicide, human rights, (neo)colonialism, post-development. The guiding thesis is, that the Third World is a result of (neo)colonial discourse, therefore territorial approach towards the Third World is insufficient. The students will be exposed we to a wide range of theories and approaches, with the post-development as a key one. In the second part, the course will focus on several aspects of the Third World, where contemporary problems and breakthroughs within particular regions will be analyzed. Considering the complexity of the topics addressed, this part will also highlight methodological and epistemological problems.​

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The module is dedicated to students who have acquired C1 level of the English language during their first cycle studies and are training for teaching English on the early level during their second cycle studies.
The following topics are discussed at the module The Didactics of Teaching English on the Early Level I:

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The course deals with the following topics: the importance of tourism in EU, position of tourism in the organizational structure of EU, competances of EU in the field of tourism, directives-solutions of EU in the field of tourism, programme priorities and activities in tourism, information sources in the field of tourism, tourism policy in the EU and activities of Slovenia in the field of tourism in EU.

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The course is based on the knowledge acquired in several other courses (International Relations, International Law, International Economic Relations) and introduces students to research into selected contemporary issues in the international community. Different contemporary topics are selected each year and accordingly also seminars. The topics often comprise problems pertaining to international relations in general, international political economy, foreign policy of individual states, to ethnic conflicts and international attempts to manage such conflicts, regionalization, European integration, recent developments in human rights, relations with neighbors, self-determination of nations, small states etc. Students are required to prepare in advance and to participate actively in class discussions, as well to attend various events outside of the faculty.​

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Students will learn about the Entrepreneurial perspective: the nature and importance of entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship. The course includes the following topics: the individual entrepreneur, innovations and entrepreneurial opportunities, from the opportunity to the business plan: Developing solutions, prototyping, understanding your customer, market analysis. Business models, marketing plan, operations and R&D plan, organizational plan, assessment of risk. financial plan, funding of the new and young ventures, institutional support for entrepreneurship, legal aspects of setting up a business, entrepreneurial growth and harvesting.

Sample Essay Responses; Pool of Issue Topics; Scoring Guide; This page contains the Issue topics for the Analytical Writing section of the GRE ® General Test.

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