Clarke's "The Longest Science Fiction Story Ever Told"

Weinbaum & Sam Moskowitz "A Martian Odyssey" [Lancer, 1962; as "A Martian Odyssey and Other Science Fiction Tales", Hyperion, 1974]: paperback story collection: "The Adaptive Ultimate" (under pseudonym John Jessel), "The Brink of Infinity", "The Lotus Eaters", "A Martian Odyssey", "Proteus Island", essay by Sam Moskowitz: "The Wonders of Weinbaum" 1974 edition also has Sam Moskowitz essay "Dawn of Fame: The Career of Stanley G.

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The Astounding Science Fiction Anthology included 8 of the original 22 stories:

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Peter Nichols, in "The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction," asserts that the first story of hostile aliens invading Earth was "The Germ Growers", by the Australian clergyman Robert Potter (1892).

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The aliens also send a copy of the 1936 Berlin Olympic Games TV broadcast, and an enormous encrypted "Message" which turns out to be blueprints and assembly instructions for a space-warp spaceship to carry a five-human crew to the center of the galaxy, so that superior aliens can gather our "feelings, memories, instincts, learned behaviors, insights, madness, dreams, love" for a sort of "Office of the Galactic Census."For an entire book on how to communicate with extraterrestrials, click on: The first time this idea was explored in science fiction was in 1934, when chemical engineer Stanley Weinbaum's story "A Martian Odyssey" ["A Martian Odyssey," Stanley G.

Lewis's story "Saturn -- Queen of the Sky" [Science-Fiction +, June 1953]

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Reginald Bretnor, New York: Harper & Row, 1976, p.51]:"Hard" science fiction is a recognizable field within a field; it is enjoyed largely by people who take their own scientific knowledge seriously; writing it therefore demands on the part of the author a fair amount of scientific knowledge and ability (partially replaceable by good research facilities and informed friends whose brains can be picked); and the worst mistake a hard science fiction writer can make, aside from failing to tell an entertaining story, is to write something that makes him look ignorant.

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Author Hal Clement (pseudonym for the high school chemistry teacher Harry Stubbs) even defines "Hard science fiction" for us in a related essay ["Hard Sciences and Tough Technologies", Hal Clement, in The Craft of Science Fiction, ed.

Because science fiction’s primary focus is science, it comes naturally that it becomes the main focus of the story....

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Tolkien, "On Fairy Stories", in "Tree and Leaf", [London: 1964, New York: 1965] they came from outer spaceThe actual title "Aliens on Earth" was first used by John Tayne, as a nonfiction article, in "Authentic Science Fiction" #55, March 1955 -- but this subgenre has long been a popular one.

: More Horror than Science Fiction: many subsequent printings: collection of Mars stories by Fred Pohl

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Sure, Star Wars is wonderful, but in precisely the same way and at the same level of consciousness and sophistication that SF from the late Twenties and early Thirties was: fast, almost plotless stories of zipping through the ether in spaceships, meeting aliens, using futuristic devices, and fighting the bad guys (and winning)."18 Space Opera hotlinks include:: an on-line space opera by Robert Jennings: a filk song by Jeff Duntemann, which does capture (humorously) the atmosphere of the genre an online short-story "presented by" The Unidentified Flying Opera Company (Leslie Choy): an essay on 6 Canadian space operas: opinions on Burroughs' space opera book series: Alpha Ralpha Boulevard's bibliography of Brian Aldiss lists his anthology "Space Opera" and most of his other works: various opinions on a writer some feel writes literate Space Opera: Fantascienza's bio/biblio database on a writer who has writen Space Opera, among MANY other genres: an essay on Japanimation and other matters, by Charles Chen [at Cornell U.]: composer Dave C.

Science fiction films are stories about imaginary scientific discoveries, space travel or life on other planets, they are popular because of this....

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Hartwell & Kathryn Cramer (with an Introduction by Gregory Benford) [New York: Tor Books, 1994] is, to date, the definitive 1000-page anthology of "Hard Science Fiction" stories.