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To me breaking the law is something important. What I think is that all the people who break the law should go to prison. It doesn’t matter if the person is rich or poor. This teenager should go to jail because he was driving drunk, and he also killed four people. That is something serious, and if he doesn’t go to jail he might do worse things.

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i do bileve that rich people get off easier because they’re rich and most of them are popular and are high demand to the public they get off easier compared to a poor person no one knows

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Yes, they do. Anyone who has money or power in this day of age, and in any have the mindset that they are above the law and can do as they wish with no need for consequences. I find this completely ridiculous. football p raped a girl, and because he was a star football player and his uncle was some senator, he got out of it. This is something that needs to change. Equality is supposedly the foundation of this country but that has thoroughly been disproved many times by the powerful, rich, and mainly white male citizens of this society. As long as the one being charged with criminal actions has money, it can easily change in their favor. MOney is power, and that is something that needs to change. The judge whose ruling over this case needs to take a look at what he’s doing to this society, by proving once again that this stupid kid who was raised on money is above the law and he was taught that he was. If this had happened to a poor, possibly hispanic or black male the whole situation would’ve been different and i can assure you that the kid would be in jail for even a longer amount of time. BUt this ignorant child is getting a slap on the wrist for murdering people. Ridiculous.

It is just unfair that the government does not tax rich people more than poor people.
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