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Research Essay “On the Origin of the Solar System 8. The planets and various satellites have very small eccentricities of their circular orbits. There used to be nine planets. Now there are eight, or maybe nine after all. Whichever you prefer, here is a list of them in the order they appear in the solar system. Learn about the Order of the Planets, Terrestrial Planets, Gas Giants and more Planet Facts. Explore the Inner and Outer Planets of the Solar System. Free essay on the planets of our solar system Sarita Soren Advertisements: Planets of our Solar System. Unlike other planets it revolves. Mercury is the first planet from the Sun. It is not very easy to observe since it is always close to the Sun in the sky. Even when best placed, it is close. Planets of the Solar System. This page provides a brief description of each of the planets (and links to dwarf planets) of our solar system. Check out these fun solar system facts for kids. Learn about the Sun, asteroid belt, terrestrial planets, gas giants and a range of other interesting facts about. Welcome to Planets for Kids I really hope you enjoy the information that I have provided on this website. You will find lots of information about our solar system.

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an essay on the planets and solar system Jupiter

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When I was writing (which itself is written in large part as a sequence of computational essays) I had an interesting experience. Early in the book, it was decently easy to explain computational exercises in English (“Make a table of the first 10 squares”). But a little later in the book, it became a frustrating process.

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OK, so if a computational essay is done, say, as homework, how can it be assessed? A first, straightforward question is: does the code run? And this can be determined pretty much automatically. Then after that, the assessment process is very much like it would be for an ordinary essay. Of course, it’s nice and easy to add cells into a notebook to give comments on what’s there. And those cells can contain runnable code—that for example can take results in the essay and process or check them.

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The surface of Venus from Venera 9 October 20th 1975. The first image from the surface of another planet. (Image photoshopped to replace some lines of pixels that were garbled in the original image). By Soviet Union/Roscosmos/Venera 9 - , Fair use,

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The idea of students producing computational essays is something new for modern times, made possible by a whole stack of current technology. But there’s a curious resonance with something from the distant past. You see, if you’d learned a subject like math in the US a couple of hundred years ago, a big thing you’d have done is to create a so-called ciphering book—in which over the course of several years you carefully wrote out the solutions to a range of problems, mixing explanations with calculations. And the idea then was that you kept your ciphering book for the rest of your life, referring to it whenever you needed to solve problems like the ones it included.

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So what can go wrong? Well, like English prose, Wolfram Language code can be unnecessarily complicated, and hard to understand. In a good computational essay, both the ordinary text, and the code, should be as simple and clean as possible. I try to enforce this for myself by saying that each piece of input should be at most one or perhaps two lines long—and that the caption for the input should always be just one line long. If I’m trying to do something where the core of it (perhaps excluding things like display options) takes more than a line of code, then I break it up, explaining each line separately.

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What can computational essays be about? Almost anything! I’ve often said that for any field of study X (from archaeology to zoology), there either is now, or soon will be, a “computational X”. And any “computational X” can immediately be explored and explained using computational essays.