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When I saw the world cup semi final I pray Allah for Pakistani team. But that day do not for Pakistan team. I am disheartened. Next time Inshallah the Pakistan team will win the world cup. I am very happy when the Pakistan cricket team matches watch. I pray to Allah the Pakistan team every match win. I love my team very much.

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Cricket is a good game. I like this game. I play cricket with my friends. When I am free I play cricket. My favorite game is cricket because I interested in this game. I know cricket was invented in England. This game rules are very important 11 players in this game 6 batsman 2 all rounder and 3 fast bowlers in this game. My favorite team is Pakistan because this team is very strong. My favorite Pakistan team player is Shahid khan afridi because the great master cricketer of the world. He hits many sixes. And he is a good bowler. Pakistan won many matches and won 1 world cup in 1992. At this time the Pakistan team captain was Imran khan. He is very clever captain and much information about cricket. I see all the Pakistani team matches. Pakistan is a great team. But this time the Pakistan team does not a strong team. These times this team loses many matches. The world cup of 2011 the Pakistan team shows good performance but the semi final of the world cup against India the Pakistan does not show the good performance they drop 5 catches of Sachin Tendulkar.

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When writing about any sport's international championship event that is called the World Cup of ... within that sport's culture, you should capitalize the name of the event. If you were writing about drinking vessels around the globe, admittedly a very contrived example, one might talk about regional tankards, local mugs, world cups.

Cricket world cups are fun.
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