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I am presently in Law School. I left a high paying job in a corporate environment because I disliked the culture. Boy was I mistaken. Law School is a cut-throat environment, filled with many underachieving people. Only go if you know for sure you want to be a lawyer. Do not go to Law School for financial reasons, these are the wrong reasons. Make sure that the Law is something that interests you and you’re passionate about. If you go exclusively for the prospect of good money, you will end up hating every second of it – especially now.

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I honestly love the fact that being a lawyer is all challenging mostly because I love a good challenge , and basically becoming a lawyer isn’t only a few steps , yes it takes a lot , but do you get what you want ? I am ready for all of this whether its a little harsh or not , I wanted to be a lawyer for years and that’s my dream , so I will achieve it , and I will do whatever it takes , I want a good start and end in my life , I am engaged and I want to be with my fiancé for the rest of my life he signed up for draft so I will be a lawyer , I think we both dream big and we will achieve our dreams together

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You know for all the high schoolers who dreams to become a lawyer, I totally understand you. Being a lawyer or going to law school is not a challenge on whether you can survive the 50-60 hours of work you need to put in or how much money can you possibly earn but its a battle against yourself. You’ll be tested on how well you cope with this kind of environment and the only way to achieve what you want is to win against yourself. If you’re unable to do that, move on into something that will suit you better because age and money should not stop you from exploring the world. If there’s a will, there’s always a way.

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If you want to become a lawyer, you HAVE to go to school for law in order to gain the ability to become accredited anywhere. I also believe that if you truly want to become a lawyer for the sake of doing good, you have to endure the risks and potential consequences.

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Thank you Mr. Schneier. Everyone has done something wrong according to the laws defined by the government or military in command at any given time. What was lawful yesterday or today becomes unlawful tomorrow. When the rights to individual privacy has been undermined by a "democratic" government or governments, then the country is no longer ruled by democracy but by tyranny. If a country is under democratic rule, the question should be, "If your government has done nothing wrong against us then why data mine and maintain surveillance systems on your own citizenry."

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The problem comes when, although you think nothing you have done is wrong, I (who am surveilling you) think what you did was wrong and use my position of authority to punish you for it. In any society, we designate persons to determine/enforce what is and isn't wrong because the fabric of society would crumble were everyone to make their own determination of right and wrong. But when those persons are also given the opportunity to go looking for wrongs wherever they wish, conflicts of interest come up. You don't want your police to write the laws they enforce, particularly if they can do so whenever they wish. Humans just aren't reliable enough.

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Becoming a lawyer has always been a dream of mine – and still is. I am currently in high school. The fact that I would have the ability to defend people, including myself, is something that interests me. I’m not sure if this counts – but I always find ways to win an argument… and I usually do! You could say I’m good at arguing and proving my points. I also heard that some lawyers get to travel around the world, which also fascinates me, as I love travelling. Even if it’s only to work at another office, I still like the idea. I feel that it would gain me a lot of experience, working with different cultures, and maybe even speaking in a different language, to improve the ones I speak (as I speak three fluently). I’m also a hard worker, and I learn from my mistakes. The only problem is that my parents want me to pursue a career in medicine or dentistry (they still like the idea of me becoming a lawyer, but they prefer medicine). I have a question: considering the amount of workload… how hard is law school? And how competitive is it? Thank you.