But why do the kids have go to school?

Going to school is important because of many reasons. Children get proper education, new knowledge, experience and communication. Consequently, communication and meeting new people will be very useful in life, as friends are an indispensable part of each person’s life.

Have you ever wondered why people have to go to school

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Argumentative Essay: The Benefits of Going to School Although at the age of fourteen and fifteen many young people may not think.

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In many countries children cannot go to schools, as there are many problems that these countries face, that is why educational system is not developed there. But if a child has a possibility to go to school, then he has a wonderful chance to get basic education, as it determines the first steps of real life.

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This is not the opinion of every officer, though. The point is not to avoid admitting that your parent is an M.D., it is to avoid depending on that as the sole reason for you wanting to go to medical school. If a parent truly was your inspiration, then describe exactly why you were inspired.

how you eventually decided to go to college in order to In other words, you want to explain why going back to school.

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