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#MyRexallPharmacist helped me at a time I was experiencing severe hip and muscle pain. I thought I could add a topical pain reliever to the over-the-counter pain tablets I was taking, but when I asked the pharmacist about the gel, she told me NO — because the topical gel also contained medicine that could cause me to overdose on analgesics. I had no idea what the gel contained, but I am soooo grateful to her for preventing a bad drug reaction and illness due to an accidental overdose.

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#MyRexallPharmacist is great because they always take the time to answer all my questions.

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When I had the flu in January #MyRexallPharmacist was genuinely concerned and took the time out to explain the medications I had to take. I was so congested and I wasn’t focused. She had to repeat herself sometimes but she was not annoyed or impatient with me. I appreciated it because I was in a horrible state. Excellent client service!

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Going to get a prescription with two little babies is a stressful experience since you never know how long it will be. My Rexall Pharmacist assured me that he would be extremely quick because he understood. I was in and out faster than ever and my kids were able to get the much needed antiobiotics quicker!

I don’t know why but just talking to #MyRexallPharmacist give me that calm feeling. And I feel good afterwards knowing that I can trust her.

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Our Pharmacist is Ivy Tulao. Ivy has a heart of gold. Patient, positive, and passionate with her patients and the store team. We, the Collingwood Rexall team, believe she deserves recognition for her work. Here is the reason why…The Pharmacy Manager has been off for quite a while and Ivy has had to step up fairly quickly and take charge. Ivy really takes care of her patients as if they were family. She has been working extra hours, maybe taking 1-2 days off over two week periods. She has not once complained or showed any frustration to our patients. There have been times where we have had someone in to cover Ivy so that she could take a day off. She has so much passion for her patients that she will work 24/7 to be here for them. Her patients tell her they will check in before they come, to assure that she will be working. She is never too busy to come from behind the counter and walk the customer/patient to the product they are looking for whether it is for OTC or HBA.
She welcomes patients by name and makes a strong effort to get to know each person on a personal level to ensure the best care for each patient. Ivy goes above and beyond in making her patients feel welcome and comfortable here at Rexall. I have been with this company a long time and I have never seen someone so engaged with all aspects of Rexall. Thanks Ivy

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Ana, the pharmacist, and her team of pharmacy assistants (Camille, Mei, Sara and Vino) always make an effort to provide the best possible care to their patients. Although there is another pharmacy close by, I prefer going to the Rexall in Scarborough because of the exceptional service I receive from the pharmacy staff. It’s not uncommon for the team to know patient’s by their first name. Ana is very approachable and friendly when providing advice and recommendations. Please continue to provide excellent patient care! #Team6921

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I recently had a very important medication that I use become over the counter, and consequently not covered by my benefits. The cost is very expensive! The pharmacist felt for me, and did the best she could to bring down the cost for me. I really felt taken care of. She didn’t have to do that, but she went over and above for me.

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I am trying pursue my dreams to become a nurse and I have just been diagnosed with type two diabetes I also have an autoimmune disease and I am on 3 different medications trying to manage my health why I pay my way through school I also have a learning disability where I progress slower then others is there any type of help to help me pursue my career like scholarships for adults

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#MyRexallPharmacist is great because he is great. I appreciated that on my last visit he reminded me I needed to get my third dosage of Twinrex!