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Genuine reform is possible but it shouldn't cost anything. We need to rethink the fundamental premises of schooling and decide what it is we want all children to learn and why. For 140 years this nation has tried to impose objectives downward from the lofty command center made up of "experts", a central elite of social engineers. It hasn't worked. It won't work. And it is a gross betrayal of the democratic promise that once made this nation a noble experiment. The Russian attempt to create Plato's republic in Eastern Europe has exploded before [our] eyes, our own attempt to impose the same sort of central orthodoxy using the schools as an instrument is also coming apart at the seams, albeit more slowly and painfully. It doesn't work because its fundamental premises are mechanical, anti-human, and hostile to family life. Lives can be controlled by machine education but they will always fight back with weapons of social pathology - drugs, violence, self-destruction, indifference, and the symptoms I see in the children I teach.

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We live in a time of great school crisis. Our children rank at the bottom of nineteen industrial nations in reading, writing and arithmetic. At the very bottom. The world's narcotic economy is based upon our own consumption of the commodity, if we didn't buy so many powdered dreams the business would collapse - and schools are an important sales outlet. Our teenage suicide rate is the highest in the world and suicidal kids are rich kids for the most part, not the poor. In Manhattan fifty per cent of all new marriages last less than five years. So something is wrong for sure.

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The purpose of this essay is to persuade non-artists ofthe value of Drama in an educational system that is-unfortunately, in myview-increasingly output-oriented.) Feel free to use all or part of thisessay when you find yourself called upon to defend the teaching of Dramain schools.

Name Course Date Why it is important to keep Art in schools The Arts are defined by Rabkin and Redmond as an imaginative, creative and nonscientific
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Arts play an important role in our lives and artists should be compensated accordingly. However, in my opinion, the government should focus their budget more on critical issues in our society such as poverty, education and health. In this essay, I will discuss the importance of allocating the budget to these social problems.

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Not all students are supposed to be artists, singers or writers. Such careers require inborn talents. While it is possible to acquire a taste for these subjects by learning them at school, it is not enough to build a bright future in these fields. That also explains why schools set aside only a few hours to teach these subjects. Those who have a talent for them can gain professional training from dedicated institutions after school. In every city, it is not hard to find institutes providing special training in dance or drama. Students who have a flair for these subjects and who are keen on building a career in them can attend those institutes.

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We also asked them to write an essay in response to a work of art that was unfamiliar to them.These essays were then coded using a critical-thinking-skills assessment program developed by researchers working with the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston.Further, we directly measured whether students are more likely to return to Crystal Bridges as a result of going on a school tour.