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Correspondingly, I'll be looking at "Waltz With Bashir," a prominent modern example of this generic category, to critically engage with its "definition," and deconstruct its efficacies and issues For my purposes, I'll be drawing from the work of authors Sybil DelGaudio and Gunnar Strøm to establish this definition, and lay groundwork which can interrogate the film in question, and be interrogated by it.

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In this way, the film outright denies live action representation any more power than has animation to provide clear-cut answers, enforcing the idea that there is no inherent truth to live action "documentary" per se Overall, "Waltz With Bashir" explores the idea of documenting the struggle to cope with a factual event more than it does the actual event itself, commenting along the way on the power of animation to convey psychological realism, the precarious nature of seeking 'truth' through representation, and the increasingly levelled playing field emerging between live-action documentary and other modes of non-fiction representation.

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real" binary that playfully assigns the "real" component to animated footage 2.1: self reflexive commentary / criticism "Waltz With Bashir" actively participates in the dialogue it is formally entering as an animated 'actuality,' verbally raising the concerns implicit to its structure Asks the viewer to engage with the notion that the film is simultaneously depictive of real events, and unable to capture them --> Raises the question about whether or not this is an issue solely of animated documentary essentially, is an example of the growing inability to turn to any sort of "photography as a guarantee for truth" 2.3: entirely dramatized representation Above and beyond representing personal testimony and emotion through abstract animation, the film engages in highly stylized representations of Folman's "[personal] psychodrama" (e-joussour) in ways that primatize historically inaccurate representations of the Lebanon conflict, rife with perspectival anecdotes In doing so, the film problematizes the notion of a historical real as authoratative, pitting "collective narratives" in conflict with "personal" ones (el-Joussour), asking the viewer to question the idea of the "Real" as attainable Moreover, the film emerges through these moments as "mix of the expressive, poetic, and rhetorical" which characterizes a "shift [in documentary]...from the referential as...dominant" (Strom, 52) 2.4: the issue of allegory The film narrativizes Folman's search for truth, establishing a tension between his need to explore the self, and his need to look to others to do so; that is, it centralizes the idea of looking outwards as a means to looking inwards In this way, the film emerges as an allegory for the process of documentary filmmaking, and the way that it invariably twists and mutates reality.

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A strangely beautiful sequence from the film gave the movie its name; an Israeli soldier is shown “waltzing” with his machine gun while under fire on a bomb blasted Beirut boulevard - that is to say, he was wildly firing at everything in sight. The scene takes place against a backdrop of street posters extolling Bashir Gemayel - the leader of the Lebanese right-wing Christian Phalangist party. But the film’s title is more than just a metaphor for the insanity and brutality of war. Gemayel was politically aligned with Israel and fanatical about expelling the Palestinians from Lebanon. When Gemayel was assassinated by unknown assailants, Phalangist militia men attacked the Palestinian refugee camps of , slaughtering thousands of innocent civilians while the Israeli army looked on. As a 19-year-old soldier, Folman was stationed on the outskirts of Sabra, firing flairs to illuminate the camp at night. He became so racked with guilt over his actions that he blocked his entire wartime experience from memory.

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Made in 2008, the film is a loose, animated retelling of director Ari Folman's attempt to reconstruct the repressed memories of his actions during the Lebanon war, through discussions with friends and acquaintances that were there Falling back on what we know, "Waltz With Bashir" is undoubtedly an animated documentary: a film rooted in actual events, inspired by both the public footage and personal memories resulting therefrom, which attempts to 'document the undocumentable' struggle with one's past, and the emotions surrounding it, using animation That said, nothing is cut-and-dry when it comes to documentary, and a close examination of several key moments and techniques from the film will give a clearer picture of the way it corroborates the ideas of the readings, and in some cases, experiments with them.

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