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Therefore in response to the question that I posed in the title of this essay I would respond that whilst some progress may have been made since Victoria Climbié’s death in February 2000 there is still a long way to go and unfortunately this will require the backing of a government that is not merely responding to the latest horror story that hits the headlines and pricks the conscience of society at large.

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Nov 12, 2017 Lord laming report victoria climbie, order essay paper -

Victoria Climbie died at 3.15pm on February ..

The second winning essay in the 2014 Worth School Essay Competition is entitled: The death of Victoria Climbié: Have lessons learnt been successful? Its author is 15-year-old Gurdip Ahluwalia. Having watched a documentary about her death in 2000, he said: “It really shocked me how the signs of abuse hadn’t been acted upon properly. The tragedy provoked a lot of changes in the law and her story and its impact on society still resonates with the public.” Read Gurdip’s essay as he writes about these…

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The serious case review was set out by the Working Together (2006) stating ‘when a child dies from abused or neglected, the local interagency responsible for the child protection conduct a review how their system can improve to work together (DfE 2013) The serious case review brings together all the organisations involved in the case, including the local authority children’s service, the police, health, education and social services to assess the actions they have taken to protect the vulnerable children.
It could be argued that, all the events surrounding the absence of good practice of the interagency system failure has resulted in the death of Victoria Climbie at the age of eight years and three months.

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many reasons starting with the unfortunate case of Victoria Climbie, ..

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Winning essay by Worth School student explores tragedy surrounding the death of Victoria Climbié and its impact on UK child protection legislation.

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