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If you have a society based on freedom and liberty, and really value those rights, there will always be a certain small percentage of people who will take advantage of that atmosphere and use it for evil. That's human nature. Al Gore was unjustly criticized for saying that the goal should be to recude terrorism to the level of a "nuisance." You can quibble about his choice of words, but he spoke volumes of reason -- you can't ever eliminate crime and terrorism no matter how draconian and intrusive you make the laws. Suicide bombers with sufficient zeal and fanaticism (not to mention a dream of martyrdom) will never be deterred by mere laws.

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Living a simple life can be beneficial for several reasons. The first and most significant reason is that it leads to a happier home life. When members of a family have a simple occupation and lifestyle they are able to get along better with one another. This is due to the fact that they can leave behind any pressures they may feel in the workplace, and spend quality time with each other. In a world where the value of family continues to deteriorate it is especially important to be able to maintain this kind of relationship with those you live with.

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A liberal philosophical argument was developed by Beate Rössler in a book that has the same title as Bruce's essay (did you read it?): "The Value of Privacy" (Polity Press 2004): No matter if you do something wrong or illegal - just the fact that you feel watched or know you are being watched has an impact on the way you behave. Therefore, it endangers your authenticity and autonomy.

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