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Students discover a welcoming atmosphere of friendliness, warmth, security, and a diverse and challenging environment. They have the opportunity to work and learn with peers from different countries, cultures and backgrounds. UNIS teachers, with their equally diverse origins, understand and respect these differences and respond to the needs of a vibrant international community of learners by designing a curriculum that meets the needs of individual students. From the very first year, the social, intellectual, aesthetic, emotional and physical needs of the student are central to the curriculum, so that the classroom becomes a world in which the acquisition of skills goes hand in hand with freedom to create and explore. The integrated learning that characterizes school life in the early grades is developed and diversified in the intermediate years, whereby a rigorous, but flexible and broad-based basis for learning is maintained, to embrace the acquisition of knowledge, the development of skills and attitudes and their complex application across the disciplines.

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The primary purpose of UNIS is to provide an international education for families affiliated with the United Nations as well as for other families seeking a similar education for their children. UN-affiliated families represent about 55% of the student body with the 45% coming from other families living in the New York City area.

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The International Baccalaureate program is an internationally renowned credential that is regarded as the gold standard in terms of secondary school preparation for college. In many countries, the IB diploma program is the equivalent of the national exam that enables students to complete a university degree in three years. Many colleges in the U.S. grant up to a year’s advanced standing for IB students.

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The UNIS curriculum in Tutorial Three and Four follows the pattern of the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma, and most courses are IB courses. Both broad and deep, our curriculum requires six subjects from at least five different academic areas, all studied over a two-year period. Most subjects are available at both Higher and Standard IB levels, and IB Diploma candidates must take three of their subjects at Higher Level. Required areas of study are Mathematics; two languages (one a literature course, the other either a learned-language course or a second literature course); a natural science course; a humanities/social science course; and either an arts course or a further languages/science /humanities course.

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The goal of assessment at the UNIS is to support both learning and teaching through varied and balanced Pre-Kindergarten to Tutorial Four assessment practices, which are aligned with the curriculum, reflect the international nature of the school, and include useful feedback to students, parents, teachers and administrators. Student-focused, authentic and age-appropriate assessment at UNIS represents a celebration of achievement, which ensures ongoing student involvement and lasting understanding.

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The international curriculum at UNIS from pre-kindergarten to Tutorial Four is designed to reflect the guiding principles of the UN Charter, which are enshrined in the constitution of the School.

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In fulfillment of this basic structure, we offer many languages in addition to English, French and Spanish. In addition we provide classes in Biology, Chemistry and Physics, a wide range of humanities choices–IB Anthropology, Economics, History, Philosophy and Psychology-as well as courses in Contemporary Issues and Information Technology in a Global Society, and Visual Arts, Music, and Theatre Arts, as well as Computer Science. All students must complete a major individual project ("extended essay"), participate in an extra-curricular program with Creative, Active and Service components; and, for IB Diploma students, take a Theory of Knowledge course which asks students to examine how they know what they know. The end result, we expect, is a broadly educated and thoughtful person, well prepared for the challenges of university study and for life in a complex 21st-century world.

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For the Junior School, list preparation begins in early May. Teachers are actively involved in developing a full profile document on each student. This documents looks at all aspects of the whole child, both academic and socio-emotional. Teachers work as grade level teams to develop the groupings for the following year ensuring a balance of gender, nationality, friendship groupings and academic balance. After homeroom teachers are finished with this process, the specialist teachers, student support teachers and administrators review the lists to confirm the appropriateness of each placement.