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Antique temperance movement Sons of Temperance regalia lot including the ceremonial sash & other items belonging to James Farrell Jr who was an officer in .

One of the greatest programs was the Temperance Movement, ..

The goal of the Temperance Movement was to ban the sale, consumption, and distribution of alcohol.

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Antique temperance movement Sons of Temperance regalia lot including the ceremonial sash & other items belonging to James Farrell Jr who was an officer in .

the abolitionist movement, the temperance movement and the …

Boxed set of 10 items dating from the to Temperance movement subsidiary organization the Catholic Total Abstinence Union of America was established in 1872 in Baltimore , Maryland.

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The Sons succeeded in politicizing the liquor issue, and in so doing, engendered the ethnic and cultural conflict that defined the temperance crusade for the next 60 years. The push for restrictive legislation brought temperance advocates in direct conflict with the state's largest ethnic group, the Germans, who formed the backbone of the anti-prohibition movement. At times, the temperance movement took a nativist tinge, directing its activities against the foreign imbibers, esp. the German and Irish, rather than the native born. Scandinavian groups, particularly Norwegians, were also temperance stalwarts.

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Carry Nation entered the temperance movement in 1890, when a U.S

Anthony played a very dominant role in the woman suffrage movement, was an important figure in the temperance movement, and was also active in a few other movements during the 19th and 20th centuries.

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1870s. By the 1870s, the temperance movement exerted great influence in American life and culture, as this example illustrates.

They were part of a movement called Temperance that was to have an enormous impact on our country.

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The Temperance Movement is supporting current , as the brothers and sisters already know. You can catch them in New England – March 26th at Portland, Maine’s own State Theatre and March 27th at Boston’s House of Blues. This promises to be one hell of a good show and good for your soul, too.