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Since the Ninth Amendment, about the rights "retained by the people," is all but meaningless without a Natural Law intepretation, Bork very consistently, and famously, compared it to a "blot of ink" -- something meaningless and uninterpretable.


The Ninth Amendment states that the listing of rights in the Constitution “shall ..

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More fundamentally, however, the proper requirement should be that ; for the duty of the justices is to enforce the Constitution, and, as we have seen, only libertarians are prepared to enforce both the Ninth and the Tenth Amendments, which embody the key principles upon which the Constitution was founded.


It is noteworthy that the Ninth and Tenth Amendments have never been repealed and are still part of the Constitution, however little stomach the Supreme Court has for enforcing them.

Authoritarians, disliking both personal rights and limitations on government, reject the principles of both the Ninth and the Tenth Amendments.
The danger of using the Ninth Amendment, however, is that people have become very confused about what  are supposed to be.

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Similarly, since Senate Democrats really didn't understand or believe in the Ninth Amendment either, they could not just frankly condemn him as unsuitable for such an opinion, though some did.

If I do want to blow your mind, then I don't stop with explaining the ninth amendment

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Such "rights," which only serve to enslave or steal from others -- they are all claims of forced labor (violating the 13th Amendment as "involuntary servitude") against others -- are today mostly what people scream about when they demand their "rights." These issues are discussed in and , and a sobering corrective may be seen in the popular "." Clearly, the Ninth Amendment cannot be truly rehabilitated until it cannot be used to expand tyranny through the fiction of socialist "welfare" rights.

based on the Ninth Amendment which states that people have rights that extend beyond the constitution (“Roe v

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