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Therefore, Hawthorne himself could not put into words an interpretation of The Minister's Black Vail because the story its self is an interpretation of something living inside the author, a feeling that can only be felt....

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Let us explore in this essay the solitude within “The Minister’s Black Veil” and its author.

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There is the theme of souls and their attainment of consciousness, the theme of double consciousness and the duality and bifurcation of black life and culture; but one of the most striking themes is that of "the veil." The veil provides a link between the 14 seemingly unconnected essays that make up The Souls of Black Folk.

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The novel the Scarlet Letter and the short story “The Ministers Black Veil'; are very different, but in every way they’re different they can be shown alike also.

There is only one person who is not horrified by his black veil--his wife-to-be, Elizabeth.

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Even though the parable does show the Puritans’ harsh and superstitious reaction to the vagary of the minister, the veil itself symbolizes both the minister’s isolation from society and his connection to society through original sin....

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This is the case in “The Minister’s Black Veil” where he introduces the story of Minister Hooper, a religious man that starts wearing a black veil on his face until the day he dies.

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Hooper of Hawthorne’s parable The Minister’s Black Veil dons a black veil, a mysterious change which the Puritans believed “could portend nothing but evil” (Hawthorne 630).

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Since Hawthorne uses the act of ambiguity in this parable for the reader to come to their own conclusion, there are a significant amount of interpretations of the Minister’s black veil....

Parson Hooper arrives, and to their astonishment, wearing a black veil obscuring his face....

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In ‘The Black Veil’ a widower goes to a doctor, dressed in a black veil, and asks him if he can heal her son, he accepts and goes to her house and saw that her son had been hanged.

Both of these views are represented in the story, The Minister's Black Veil, where Mr.

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At Hooper’s deathbed, Reverend Clark prays that Hooper allow the veil to be lifted. But Hooper resists with surprising strength. Still bearing his sad smile, Hooper accuses the rest of the crowd, asking why they tremble at him alone. All the townspeople have avoided him and show him no pity, he says. They are all hypocrites, as they all wear “black veils” and shield their eyes from God when they confide in others. Hopper dies and is buried with his black veil, his eyes forever covered.

In “The Minister’s Black Veil,” written by Nathaniel Hawthorne the protagonist is Minister Hooper.

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One of his most renowned novels, The Scarlet Letter and his short story, The Minister’s Black Veil contain many of his typical elements and are many times referred synonymously....