The Social Studies Essay - An Introduction

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Another hotly debated topic is what the goal of social studies should be in relation to society....

1. The Social Studies Essay - An Introduction

Many believe that the use of primary sources allows students insight into the minds and personal stories of those who actually experienced the events and the stories behind all key concepts in social studies.

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As we discovered in class, the collective experience from social studies classroom was that, depending on the content and the particular teaching style of the teacher, lessons revolved around a worksheet where students find answers in a textbook or they are asked to do research on a building or landmark and then write about its history....

This paper will define and explain the meaning and purpose of multicultural social studies education.

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History is also much maligned for being useless information. A good teacher is able to make kids realize that history is a story which is incredibly interesting. Moreover, beyond being interesting, knowing history is critically important for understanding our culture and the cultures around us. The social studies have the potential to make kids better citizens.

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I believe that students should be able to depend on their social studies teachers to impart to them knowledge critical for effective participation in our democracy. Social studies is unique among subjects taught at school in its ability to effect the way every citizen acts beyond the classroom. For example, a bad teacher can make learning civics a strange and foreign chore. But an effective teacher can impress upon the students the importance of the subject for the sake of our democracy.

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If you are writing a long-term home assignment, for example the in-depth study that your curriculum requires, then you should be prepared to write at least one draft of your essay before you consider it finished.

This article is researching the positive effects, of social and emotional learning of students in kindergarten to eighth grade.

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Since the adoption of Ralph Tyler’s teacher-centered, essentialist approach to curriculum, John Dewey’s call for progressive reform and student-centered learning, and Paolo Freire’s call for an education that advocates social change and the destruction of social oppression, education pundits found themselves stuck between different goals, outcomes, and possibilities for teaching social studies....

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52-year-old firefighter and Air Force veteran Sidney Boardman earns his degree in international studies from the College of Letters, Arts and Social Sciences.