Mooyaart, was actually the real diary of Anne Frank.

All this just serves to underline the tragedy of her fate, since we can identify and sympathise with the young, talented girl who recorded her thoughts in theDiary. It's at this point that the enormity of the crimes the Nazis committed truly hits home. Six million murdered Jews; ten million murdered Russians and Poles -- these numbers are far too large for the human mind to grasp. Intellectually, we know (or at least the more rational ones among us know) that the Holocaust was the greatest tragedy of the 20th century, and perhaps in all recorded history. But raw statistics can't convey its true horror, any more than you can get an idea of what a city is like by glancing at the figures in an atlas. Anne Frank, however -- one innocent child, out of those millions -- that, we can understand. Talented though Anne undoubtedly was, it's the context in which the Diary is read that gives it its true power. It's common knowledge that she and her family were finally caught by the Nazis -- and that makes it very hard to read passages where Anne, in her innocence and hope, makes plans for when the war is over. One of the most poignant of all was written when she discovers that her pen has been accidentally thrown into the fireplace:

Frank Anne’s diary from the days of living in the annex.

Introduction The Diary of Anne Frank might be the most famous personal account of the Holocaust.

The play is based on the Diary of Anne Frank.

Minutes before the Frank's were captured in their hiding place after a two-year stay, Anne wrote in her diary the words, 'In spite of everything, I still believe that people are really good at heart.'; Even though Anne suffered so much her courage and character only grew stronger.

In the play, The Diary of Anne Frank, while in hiding, Mrs.

The Diary of Anne Frank, a movie about lives of a group of hiding Jews due to Holocaust, it not only showed the cruelty of Nazi, but also showed the emotion changes of a teenage girl....

Anne Frank was Jewish and became one of the million victims of the Holocaust.

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Anne Frank (full name is Annelies Marie Frank) was a Jewish girl, a native of Germany, who was hiding with her family in the Netherlands from the Nazi terror after Hitler came to power. The author of the famous “Diary of Anne Frank,” which is a document condemning Nazism translated into many languages, Anne Frank and her family were among the most famous victims of Nazism.

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She wrote these letters to her imaginary friend Kitty. Every day, in her letters, she told her about what happened with her and with the other inhabitants of asylum. Anna has made her first entry in the diary on 12 June 1942, the last was written on 1 August 1944. In the spring of 1944, Anna decided to write a novel based on the diary. She began to rewrite and edit her diary, continuing to write new entries. On 4 August 1944, the house where the Frank family was hiding, was searched by the Gestapo and Dutch police. All eight people hiding in the shelter were placed in the Westerbork transit concentration camp, and then they were deported to Auschwitz.

Anne Frank was one of over one million Jews who died in the Holocaust (Anne Frank 1).

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These are the inner thoughts of some women on a daily basis and in Bridget Jones's Diary; Helen Fielding makes single women feel like they are not alone.

Anne Frank was many things: a writer, a storyteller, a witness, and a victim, among them.

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These poems are made to compliment the setting, such as in a poem credited to the former governor in The Tosa Diary where there is a description of the waves as they illustrate the governor’s sadness as he leaves Kyoto (83)....

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She was born in Frankfurt am Main, in an assimilated Jewish family. After Hitler came to power and the victory of the Nazi Party in municipal elections in Frankfurt in 1933, the Frank family emigrated to Amsterdam, where Anne’s father became director of the joint-stock company «Opekta». In May 1940, Germany invaded the Netherlands. July 6, 1942 Anne Frank’s family moved into the shelter, which had been arranged by the Opekta staff at Prinsengracht 263. The enter into the shelter was disguised in a cabinet with documents. There Anne kept a diary in form of letters written in Dutch.