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Jan 19, 2012 · The birth of Venus is a beautiful piece done by Sandro Botticelli

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The 'Birth of Venus' is a painting work of Sandro Boticelli and it is today held in Uffizi Gallery in Florence. The painting represents a nude full grown woman the goddess Venus as she emerges from the sea at the moment of birth and she arrives at the sea -shore escorted by the wind-gods. (Malaguzzi 35) Scholars have proposed many interpretation of the painting since no credible single text has been written about its content. Neoplatonic interpretation (emphasized by Ernst Gombrich) of the painting has been proposed by art historians who are specialists in Italian renaissance as the most appropriate way to interpret the painting. (Janson et al 413) The historians say the painting can be interpreted in two ways either it could represents an earthy goddess who provokes human emotions towards physical love or a holy goddess that represents define love. The most notable feature of the painting however, is that. First of all she is standing at the edge of the shell which in normal circumstance could tip over. Her elongated neck and her awkward stretch of the left arm defy any proportion rule. This cloud mean the society did not insist on proportion.

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Video embeddedThis lesson discusses one of Botticelli's best known and most beautiful paintings, 'The Birth of Venus. ' Learn more about the origins, meaning, and

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Venus is portrayed naked on a shell on the seashore on her left the winds blow gently caressing her hair with a shower of roses, on her right a handmaid (Ora) waits for the goddess to go closer to dress her shy body. Botticelli painted them to be companion paintings and hung in the same space and both bring across the theme that love triumphs over brutality. Feedback verzenden Privacy Voorwaarden Inloggen Laden The birth of Venus Sandro Botticelli 6988 - 6985Uit de collectie van Uffizi Gallery The was commissioned by Lorenzo di Pierfrancesco de’Medici, a cousin of Lorenzo the Magnificent. She has a slight tilt of the head, and she leans in an awkward contrapposto-like stance. Most paintings of women during the middle Ages symbolize the Virgin Mary, showing her in a demure appearance with an angelic smile and covered head. In contrast to the Primavera, the painting was created using canvas. In the Birth of Venus, Venus has just been born and arriving on earth. Venus rises from the sea, looking like a classical statue and floating on a seashell, in what is surely one of the most recognisable images in art history. This latter body of philosophy was a revival and slight reinterpretation of the works of the ancient Greek philosopher Plato. More than 555 years after its creation, The Birth of Venus by Sandro Botticelli is one of the most iconic paintings ever produced, and remains among the most renowned and priceless masterpieces in the world. The world is waiting her arrival. Before considering the subject matter, it is important to take note of the medium. The seascape, stunning for its metaphysical tone and almost unreal quality, is illuminated by a very soft, delicate light. However, she is as far as a precise copy of her prototype as the painting is an exact illustration of Poliziano's poetry. In Florence, another important work of art is the translation in sculpture of the same theme: the famous Medici Venus at the Uffizi Gallery.

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