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The players have to obey the captain who has the sole responsibility of the smooth working of the team. In case, each player plays according to his own choice or whim, the team will never win. Instead, disputes will come in, resulting in the loss of the match. On the contrary, a united team is able to win the game.

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G- Make and record observations about physical and human characteristics of places.

Sharon Byram Darlington, South Carolina

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2009 Teaching American History in South Carolina Project.

Discipline means obedience to rules which are framed for the good of an individual and society. Mr. Rajesh Kumar Sumer has defined it as “a quality that makes a person conduct his daily life in an orderly and very punctual manner. It is mental and moral training of the mind and character to produce self-control”. Every process has some rules. We follow them for the good of the society. A discipline man leads an orderly life, and is the successful man. If there are no rules, no plans or orders in life, there will be confusion. Discipline is the habit of acting in accordance with certain rules.

Question: Why was it important for slave to be purchased to work in the Mars Bluff region?

It is necessary for expressing other virtues

Brush brooms made of dog wood branches would be used to sweep the dirt floor of the cabins. Quilt making was also something that the African American slaves would do when they were not working on the farms. Many of the pieces of the material were scraps that were not longer needed by the owner. Sometimes these quilts would tell a story of life or serve as a map to freedom. These items were brought from the African culture and used during and after slavery.

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Much of the information about slaves in the Mars Bluff region is very sketchy and not officially documented. If not for the stories told to Archie Waiters as a young child, we would not have any record of what life was like for slaves during this important part of American history.

Paragraph on the topic ‘Importance of Discipline in Life’ in English Language

Importance of Discipline in educational institutions

Indicator: 3.4.2 Summarize the institution of slavery prior to the Civil War; including reference to conditions in South Carolina, the invention of the Cotton Gin, subsequent expansion of slavery, and economic dependence on slavery.

Necessary Steps to Develop the Discipline in the Youths and Growing Children

Finally, discipline is the way of success.

Discipline is essential in educational institutions. In case, the students do not obey their teachers in the class, efficient teaching will not be possible, and consequently the results of the students in examination will be low. It will mar the career of the students.

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03.05.2011 · Discipline is an important virtue

During the summer of 2005 I had the opportunity to participate in the Pee Dee Summer Institute sponsored by the South Carolina Archives. The purpose of this institute was to familiarize educators of the importance of South Carolina history in the Pee Dee area.