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One goal shared by the graduate programs at the University of Kansas Medical Center is to provide a seminal educational environment in which a student can master a special field of knowledge and strive to develop competence in independent scholarship and research, in order to make original contributions to knowledge. In achieving that goal, there is an expectation by the University of Kansas Medical Center that the graduate faculty and their students will conduct themselves with high integrity and professional ethics. Such conduct by a graduate student must include adherence to the written and observed or taught guidelines for ethical standards of the profession for which the student is seeking to enter. A graduate student is responsible for informing himself/ herself about these requirements and expectations of conduct as well as seeking answers to his/ her own questions about what constitutes misconduct. Potential sources for this information include the:

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1. At the conclusion of the Hearing, the Panel members, alone and in closed session, shall deliberate and decide by a majority vote (anonymous written ballot counted by the Hearing Officer and verified by the graduate student member) if "academic misconduct," as alleged by The Faculty Member and only based upon all evidence presented to and heard by the Hearing Panel, " has occurred" or "has not occurred."

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8. All materials (including the audio recording tapes identified in Section IV. H. 3., below) concerning the alleged violation of misconduct should be treated as CONFIDENTIAL documents. The Hearing Panel members will return all materials received for the Hearing to the Hearing Officer at the end of the scheduled Hearing., The Hearing Officer will forward ALL ORIGINAL AND PHOTOCOPIED AND AUDIO TAPE RECORDED MATERIALS to the Dean of Graduate Studies (see Section IV. A. 5., above).

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i. If The Faculty Member perceives (relative to Section III. B., above) that there may be a conflict of interest involved in this issue between The Student and The Chairperson, or If The Chairperson is The Faculty Member initiating the allegation of misconduct, then The Faculty Member's Inquiry Report of the alleged incident( s) (see Section IV. B., below) shall be forwarded to the Dean of the Faculty Member's or Chairperson's, respectively, School or the next higher administrative officer, as appropriate, who thereafter will assume the responsibilities of "The Chairperson" identified throughout these Guidelines for Dealing With Alleged Misconduct by a Graduate Student.

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5. The Official Record of the Hearing Process: The Dean of Graduate Studies shall initiate and maintain in the Office of Graduate Studies an Official Record (i. e., file) of the entire Hearing Process. All subsequent original written communications, documents, audio tape recordings (see Section V. 3., below), and recommendations that relate to the alleged misconduct and the Hearing shall be sent on a timely basis by The Chairperson and/ or the Hearing Officer (see Section IV. E., below) to the Dean of Graduate Studies for inclusion in the Official Record. If the final conclusion of the Hearing Process is that academic misconduct has not occurred, then only the Dean's Official Record of the entire Hearing Process shall be saved as the permanent record; all other faculty, Departmental, and School copies of a "record/ file" for the Hearing Process must be destroyed (see Section V. B. 2. a., below).

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Academic misconduct by a student shall include, but not be limited to: cheating on examinations whether by a student on his/ her own behalf or by giving to another student or receiving from another student unauthorized aid on examinations; giving or receiving of unauthorized aid in the preparation of notebooks, themes, reports, or other types of assignments, or in the preparation of master's theses and/ or doctoral dissertations; or knowingly misrepresenting the source of any academic work, falsification of research results, plagiarizing of another's work, violation of regulations, ethical or professional codes for the treatment of humans and animals, or otherwise acting dishonestly.