Every company small or large should take social responsibility.

Social science focuses its attention on the social aspects of human nature; its job is to study how individuals can relate with and communicate with each other.

A basic community responsibility is voting in elections.

Friedman (1970) elaborated on how businesses cannot have assigned responsibilities.

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The individual may have a vote and say in what is to be donebut if he is overruledhe must conform. The issue of corporate social responsibility presents itself in this situation in thatthe multicorporations are run by a board of governors.
As the theoretical and practical efforts in the field of business ethics surround virtually all aspects of business conductthere is also a great variety within this science.
If they are to be civil servantsthen they must be elected through a political process.
It will give the definition of the phraseand identify some of the global factors that necessitate corporate social responsibility. The board of governors is usually composed of a few individuals that call all the shots. The great pacific garbage patch is a myriad of human waste that has found its way into the ocean after being improperly dumped. There is mounting recognition of the momentous effect the activities of the private sector have on the workforceclientelethe societythe environmentcompetitorsbusiness associatesinvestorsshareholdersgovernments and others groups. Another example is Goldman Sachswhich committed 100 million over five years to one such initiative10000 Womenwhich provides a mix of practical business educationsupport services and access to capital for under served women business owners in more than 20 countries EckhartQueenan2010 Often corporate responsibility is referred to as CSV or creating shared valuewhich refers to the way in which social wellbeing and corporate success are relatedconnected. Despite the fact that global wealth is risingthe income gap has grown widerthreatening civil society. Social responsibility is defined as a business firms obligationbeyond that required by the law and economicsto pursue long time goals that are good for society.
An example of such situations that may be considered unethical is the firing or employees to keep the profit margin of a company high. Honduras that has been abused by the Honduran street children for glue sniffinglawsuits against Dow Corning for its sales of defective silicone breast implantsand accusations and lawsuits against the tobacco industry for manufacturing and marketing what people consider to be an dangerous product which may l. For examplea corporation or business may set up a foundation to assist in learning or education for the public . . The fundwhich is managed by Caritasprovides financial support to socially disadvantaged school children in Austria. Corporate social responsibility ensures that corporations the world over are engaged in other activities that give back to the community Crowther and RaymanBacchu 172. But in these respects he is acting as a principalnot an agent he is spending his own money or time or energynot the money of his employers or the time or energy he has contracted to devote to their purposes. There arehoweverseveral factors that show the need for corporate social responsibility. Over the past decadesthere have been increasing concerns from the public that many businesses have little concern for the consumercare nothing about the deteriorating social orderand are indifferent to the problems of the environment and minorities. This has resulted in growing interaction between governmentsbusinesses and society as a whole. One in every five adults globally is illiteratewhich are staggering figures given the widespread opportunities to learn available today. For examplecorporate governance standards are closely related to ethicsbut the weight of the latter in the spectrum of this field which also involves financiallegal and other issues is not always clearespecially when ethical standards collide with other customs. Finallyit will describe several contemporary issues of research and practice. This means that a few people were benefiting from the woes of a thousand more. This is because the environment is the only natural resource that is invaluable to the human race. How is he to know what action of his will contribute to that end. He is presumably an expert in running his companyin producing a product or selling it or financing it.

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Most social networks will have a theme or niche associated with the website; meaning users share common interests via video games, sports, religion, fitness; these Social Networks can be described as a “social hub” for individuals with shared interests.

He stated that associating responsibilities with the word business is too ambiguous....
Firstly, the meaning of economic responsibility, organization should be profitable....

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The social responsibilities of a business include the following: environmental protection and preservation, employee safety and morale, product safety for the consumer.

Compare to other responsibilities, social responsibility is more remote and ambiguous.

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There are many mission statements written about social responsibility, however, it is essential to examine how companies approach the projects and how they educate their employees to involve them in their plans....

In his current position he is responsible for the Department of Social Work Services.

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In recent years, many corporations in the US and in Europe has made efforts to include Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) as part of their decision making process.