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Is it ok to have a balanced opinion to opinion essays or agree disagree
Can I have a partly agree opinion
Or I just need to stick at 1 side
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Ways the Children of Single Parents Defy All Stereotypes

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Despite this general finding across many studies, there are important qualifications of these findings. First, the actual differences between the two groups are relatively small (Amato, 2001; Amato & Keith, 1991). In fact, the children in the two types of families are more alike than different. Amato (1994) reminds us that average differences do not mean that all children in divorced families are worse off than all children in intact families. These results mean that as a group children from divorced families have more problems than children from intact families.

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Owing to the problems which a growing population of overweight people cause for the health care system, some people think that the key to solving these issues is to have more sport and exercise in schools. In my opinion, I completely agree that this is the best way to tackle the issue of deteriorating public health in relation to weight.

Ways the Children of Single Parents Defy All Stereotypes Psychology Today Education Next

can idioms improve writing bands ?

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Hi Liz,Do I need to indent at the first line of each paragraph?

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Just wondering , for an essay statement
“Prevention is better than cure.” Researching and treating diseases……
Do we include this very proverb as it is at the start of our essay? or do we exclude it as a whole?

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I have not seen a cue card on lexicography. If you mean my video lesson, that was speaking part 1 which are basic questions about you – how often do you use dictionaries, why do you use them, are they useful etc. You will not get that topic for part 2. So, relax. You need to pay more attention to understanding the speaking test!!! See my main page and learn about topics:

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can’t we discuss like agree and dis agree and concluded them at once

Another way to examine this issue is illustrated by findings of Mavis Hetherington (1993). Hetherington, like many others, finds these average differences, but she also looked at some of her measures and examined the degree to which children in divorced and intact families had more severe problems. On a measure of behavioral problems, Hetherington (1993) reports that 90% of adolescent boys and girls in intact families were within the normal range on problems and 10% had serious problems that we would generally require some type of professional help. The percentages for divorced families were 74% of the boys and 66% of the girls in the normal range and 26% of the boys and 34% of the girls were in the problematic range. Amato (1999) estimates that about 40% of the young adults from divorced families were doing better than the young people from nondivorced families.

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Parental loss. Mothers and fathers are important resources for children. They provide emotional support and practical assistance as well as serve as role models for their children. Kelly and Emery (2003) report that on average, nonresidential fathers see their children only 4 times per month following divorce and about 20% of children have no contact with their fathers 2-3 years after divorce. In contrast, non-residential mothers visit their children more frequently and are less likely to cease contact.

The word obesity is not the same as overweight. Obesity is a medical problem and very extreme.

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For speaking, be chatty. It is essential that you give more to each answer. For speaking part 2, remember that these are not questions. They are just prompts and it is your task to add more information, description, details and stories to your talk.
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