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The stories explore a variety of African settings and the issues Africans are constantly challenged to contend with as it relates to water shortages. The stories highlighted the role played by CIDA and various Canadian NGOs and engineering companies in attempts to alleviate shortages of safe drinking water, and water needed for agricultural purposes. Ethiopia, Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya, and Egypt are just some of the countries affected and discussed in the series.

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Essay on shortage of drinking water

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Cherapunji in India is the wettest place in the world which receives annual rainfall of about 15,000 mm and yet the village often faces drinking water shortage because of side spread deforestation resulting in drying up of water sources soon after torrential rainy season is over. On the other hand, Jaywalker in Rajasthan has just about 100 mm of annual rainfall and yet this desert town was able to collect enough water for its use. But it too has started facing the drinking water shortages of late since government water supply system has begun bass on tapping of limited ground water neglecting traditional wisdom of water.

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Earth is a unique living planet because eat has water. There is water and water and yet not enough to drink and May towns, cities and villages often face acute shortage of water. To alleviate the drinking water situation a mission was started in 1986 but man of the schemes under the project remain non-functional and thousands of localities use contaminated water. Maintenance and operation of water mission is a main problem to be solved. Another major problem to be tackled is water harvesting. India is one of the wettest counties of the world but the water harvesting is very poor. Experts say that traditional and local water harvesting is very purr. Experts say that traditional and local water harvesting system should be revived and encouraged as in that lays the water wisdom.

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Essay on shortage of drinking water from. Taking quantitative method as the individuals who receive government funds are essay on water shortage …

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