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Since meaningless void experiences paint a far-from-gleaming picture of what the dying sometimes experience, many New Age near-death researchers are reluctant to accept them as visions of another world. Ring, for example, ultimately concludes that meaningless void experiences "are not true NDEs as such but are essentially emergence reactions to inadequate anesthesia" (Ring, "Frightening" 20-21).

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I've always loves sea turtles and there are seven species of Chelonioidea (sea turtle).

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— The 29th NYTTS Annual Seminar, was held in the Arsenal Gallery in Central Park, New York City, on Saturday, May 17, 2014. Featured speakers included Bronx Zoo Curator of Herpetology Don Boyer, Smithsonian Instutute paleontologist Tyler Lyson, Chelonian Research Institute director Peter C.H. Pritchard, and Chief Bronx Zoo veterinarian Bonnie Raphael.

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The cases cited in this essay show that many near-death experiences are hallucinations. NDE cases which include false descriptions of the physical environment have been found not only by different near-death researchers, but by researchers searching for evidence that NDEs are hallucinatory. This motivation among researchers makes it impossible to estimate the prevalence of NDEs with clearly hallucinatory features. As Bruce Greyson points out, the file-drawer problem is a likely factor here: NDE accounts with clearly hallucinatory features may end up filed away indefinitely, while only more dramatic accounts are deemed fit for publication by NDE researchers (Greyson, "Near-Death" 344). Similarly, NDEs with obviously hallucinatory traits seem particularly likely to be underreported by NDErs themselves, given the disparity between how real one's NDE felt at the time and the realization that it could not possibly reflect reality if, for instance, the NDEr communicated with his still-living mother in an ostensibly transcendental realm. Nevertheless, given that many NDEs are already known to be hallucinations, it is likely that other NDEs are hallucinations as well.

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Some turtles live on land, others spend most of their lives in the seas, retrning to the shore only to reproduce.

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The leatherback is a “super turtle” in several aspects. First, as you may have guessed, it doesn’t have a hard shell like that of other sea turtles. Its shell is different – instead of having the ribs fuse and form a bony carapace (the top part of the shell), it has a layer of rubbery skin with a fibrous cartilage layer. This cartilage layer is covered again by membrane bone – called osteoderms. These are tiny bones about the size of a dime or quarter that lock together to form the carapace. This layer is a little flexible and this adaptation allows the leatherback to dive deeply into the water – depths of more than half a mile. It also swims faster, farther, and deeper than all other sea turtles, produces the heaviest and largest eggs, and yet is a gentle giant – eating primarily jellyfish.

Infected turtles have remained in close contact with clean turtles in captivity for years without spreading the disease to them.

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The essay must be free of blatant errors; all research that is done must be adequate for the topic and have quality references – references from Wikipedia do not carry much weight.

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So what features, exactly, are thought to be the consistent or core elements of the prototypical Western NDE? The answer you receive depends on which researcher you ask (see Fox 101), but the list below seems to encompass most of the elements suggested by different near-death researchers: