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In this authoritative and engaging new biography, Augustine Thompson, O.P., sifts through the surviving evidence for the life of Francis using modern historical methods. The result is a complex yet sympathetic portrait of the man and the saint. Francis emerges from this account as very much a typical thirteenth-century Italian layman, but one who, when faced with unexpected crises in his personal life, made decisions so radical that they challenge his own society—and ours. Unlike the saint of legend, this Francis never had a unique divine inspiration to provide him with rules for following the teachings of Jesus. Rather, he spent his life reacting to unexpected challenges, before which he often found himself unprepared and uncertain. The Francis who emerges here is both more complex and more conflicted than that of older biographies. His famed devotion to poverty is found to be more nuanced than expected, perhaps not even his principal spiritual concern. Thompson revisits events small and large in Francis's life, including his troubled relations with his father, his contacts with Clare of Assisi, his encounter with the Muslim sultan, and his receiving the Stigmata, to uncover the man behind the legends and popular images.

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Saint Francis of Assis was born Francesco Bernardone, in Assisi, Italy in 1181

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Among the most beloved saints in the Catholic tradition, Francis of Assisi (c. 1181–1226) is popularly remembered for his dedication to poverty, his love of animals and nature, and his desire to follow perfectly the teachings and example of Christ. During his lifetime and after his death, followers collected, for their own purposes, numerous stories, anecdotes, and reports about Francis. As a result, the man himself and his own concerns became lost in legend.

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PART I: The Life
1. "When I Was in My Sins," 1181–1205
2. The Penitent from Assisi, 1206–1209
3. The Primitive Fraternity, 1209–1215
4. Expansion and Consolidation, 1216–1220
5. Francis Returns Home, 1220–1221
6. Rules and Retirement, 1221–1223
7. The Way of the Cross, 1223–1225
8. From Penitent to Saint, 1225–1226
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PART II: Sources and Debates
Preliminary Note
List of Abbreviations
On the "Franciscan Question"
On Chapter 1
On Chapter 2
On Chapter 3
On Chapter 4
On Chapter 5
On Chapter 6
On Chapter 7
On Chapter 8

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Francis Of Assisi Essay, Research Paper Saint Francis of Assisi Francis was born at Assisi in Umbria in the early 1180?s

Francis is considered a legendary hero and a popular saint

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