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It continues like this until the 1st person that was at the head of the line in the beginning is back up at the head of the line.
* A shoe pile race is a blast–kids take off one shoe and put it in one big pile, then they have a relay race between classes one at a time.

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I had them start by putting the ball between their knees and hopping or walking through the cones to the other side, the player there then did the same thing back through the cones until one team won…For the second relay, I had them do it backwards and if there was time for a 3rd race, I had them dribble soccer style.

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You could also have them dribble basketball style through the cones.
* Sponge Race: fill up a baby swimming pool, have 4 5-gallon buckets each, you need 4 large car wash type sponges, the object of the game is each relay team must race to the pool, fill the sponge with as much water as possible run back to the buckets and squeeze out the water, then passing to the next teammate….and so forth until all players have gone.

then they have a relay race between classes one at a time
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Tyra Robinson Influence of Mass Media Maddy Robb is stretching to prep for her 4x4 meter relay race against Highland High school.

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