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It appears the final two pivotal items that would create theOPEC transition to euros will be based on (1) if and whenNorway's Brent crude is re-dominated in euros and (2) when theU.K. adopts the euro. Regarding the later, Tony Blair islobbying heavily for the U.K. to adopt the euro, and theiradoption would seem imminent within this decade. If and when theU.K. adopts the euro currency I suspect a concerted effort willbe quickly mounted to establish the euro as an internationalreserve currency. Again, I offer the following information froman astute individual who analyzes these international monetarymatters very carefully:

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Returning to the core macroeconomic reasons for the Iraq war, itshould be noted that under the UN's `oil for food' program, theU.N. provided oversight of Iraq's oil receipts, which in 2000became denominated in euros, and then deposited into a Frenchbank. The passage of UN resolution 1483 effectively endedFrench involvement with Iraqi oil via the UN `oil for food'program. Incidentally, the various contracts that SaddamHussein signed during the 1990's regarding oil explorationleases with France, Russia and China are now also void. Withouta doubt, oil is the critical substance for all industrializednations, and with the imminent global Peak Oil phenomenon, theU.S. government is using the military to insure U.S. access tothe largest reserves. The price of the Iraq war is not yetclear, but the history of Empires is quite unambiguous. Theyalways end with military overextension and subsequent economicdecline.

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From the Roman Empire to today, the propaganda tactics for waras discussed by Hermann Goering remain effective. It isdeplorable that even in the US or UK, people can always be"brought to the bidding of the leaders." It is New Years Day,almost nine months since the invasion of Iraq. The Americanpeople are slowly realizing how much they were misled about thiswar. Many books will be written about how these eventsunfolded, so I will only briefly summarize my generalobservations in a few opening paragraphs, and then return to thebasic underlying Geostrategic and macroeconomic reasons for theIraq war. First, it has emerged that a small clique ofneoconservative ideologues and an Iraqi exile provided most ofthe fraudulent "intelligence data" that was publicized by theExecutive Branch. This disinformation was apparent before thewar, but now it is simply irrefutable. A brief synopsis ofevents follows.

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After completing this essay in mid-January 2003, I began to readabout some interesting international monetary developments andthe related opinions of analysts. These recent developmentswarrant inclusion as an addendum. The following two articlesrelate to the rapid devaluation of the dollar in late Januaryrelative to the euro. This occurred in the week immediatelypreceding President Bush's State of the Union address. Both ofthese articles suggest that Russia -- a traditional holder ofdollar reserves -- may be linking `political overtones' to theirexchanges of dollars for euros. The following article mayillustrate things to come if President Bush continues on hispresent unilateral position on Iraq.

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Only time will tell what will happen in the aftermath of theIraq war and U.S. occupation, but I am confident my researchwill contribute to the historical record and help othersunderstand some of the important but unspoken reasons for why weconquered Iraq. Regrettably, until the U.S. agrees to a morebalanced Global Monetary system, and embarks on a viableNational Energy Strategy, our nation will continue to pursuehypocritical foreign policies incompatible with the principlesestablished by the founding fathers regarding democracy, libertyand freedom.

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In fact, these Caspian region oil reserves were a component of Vice President Cheney's energy plan released in May2001. According to his report, the U.S. will import 90% of itsoil by 2020, and thus tapping into the reserves in the CaspianSea region was viewed as a U.S. strategic goal that would helpmeet our growing energy demand, and also reduce our dependenceon oil from the Middle East. It is for similar reasons thatI believe Tony Blair endorsed the Iraq war. The U.K. has no oilreserves other than the North Sea. Unfortunately, the North Seaoil fields belonging to the U.K. reached peak production in theyear 2000.