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The goal of the European Jews that have taken control of Palestine is a “Greater IsraHELL Empire” extending from the Nile into Turkey and much of the Arabian Peninsula – a Jewish kingdom with only enough Gentiles to serve the self-chosen master race. They are already guilty of genocide and many other crimes. The Jews have power ONLY because they control a zombie called the United States. Once that zombie can’t pay the Jews’ bills and protect that parasitic cult, it will vanish – hopefully, forever.

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In the first case, the result is an administrative crisis. In the second, the result is a crisis of democratic legitimacy. But what is the relation between them? In theory, an administrative crisis should lead to a legitimation crisis of a robust sort. Arrangements that block public powers from acting in the public interest should be exposed as illegitimate in the public sphere. In the ensuing ferment, a roused body of public opinion should clamor for democratic reform and, when necessary, for deep social-structural transformation.

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It follows that democracies can fail in two respects. First, they can enter into administrative crisis, if and when they lack the regulatory capacity to successfully address and solve public problems. This is the case when, for example, the public powers of bounded territorial states are outgunned by huge oligopolistic corporations with a global reach. Second, democracies can enter into legitimation crisis, if and when the channels of public-sphere communication do not permit free and fair communications among all who are governed and/or when the public opinion such discussions generate lacks practical efficacy. This is the case when public communication is exclusionary, restricted and/or ignored by governments who rush to do the bidding of private interests.

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