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Research on Poverty Alleviation (REPOA) | Africa PortalResearch on Poverty Alleviation (REPOA) is an independent research institution The essay serves to enhance dialogue on this subject and to locate the for Socio-EconomicTransformation of Tanzania: The Need to Move from Papers toEuropean Aid for Poverty Reduction in Tanzania - OverseasGovernment Actions in Support of Poverty Reduction 20 An Analysis of Sixteen European Supported Best Practice Poverty Reduction discussion papersTHE ROLE CO-OPERATIVES PLAY IN POVERTY REDUCTION INNot give detailed analysis of the achievements of cooperatives, as this would require Tanzania s Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper (PRSP) defines poverty toCurrent and future challenges and opportunities in TanzaniaTanzania has undergone impressive political and economic developments and The modest reduction in poverty illustrates that economic growth has not by outdated legislation, that enables the government to ban critical newspapers, and

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Slaying the giants of poverty and unemployment This piece by Alex Shattock won first prize in the New Statesman & Webb Memorial Trust essay competition. It was published by...

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As these perhaps well-intentioned folks learned, or at least as some of them learned, if you get the root cause wrong, your solution will be wrong. We must not follow them in error. Poverty is certainly prominent among the proximate causes of abortion, but in absolutely no way is poverty—structural or individual—the root cause of abortion. There is no empirical or historical case that demonstrates that it is. While we do have an obligation to address poverty at the level of policy, law, and most importantly, in personal presence and service, this will not stop or significantly reduce abortion rates. Only on a secular and partisan view—one which requires a pseudointellectual reduction of the killing of innocents to a “symptom” of another social ill more easily addressed by one’s political worldview—does this even begin to make sense.

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Most Latin American countries have invested vast resources inpoverty reduction programs, particularly Conditional Cash Transfer schemes (CCTs), whichhave become a critical element in social policy.

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The essays presented contribute to theliterature on analytical work on poverty reduction programs, the effects of these programs onhuman capital accumulation and propagation of poverty, and the geographic determinants ofhousehold consumption.

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urban agriculture as a strategy for poverty reduction in nigeria - EcoModThe presence and potentials of UA in Nigeria especially in the big cities is not in Section IV dealt with the analysis of findings from a pilot survey of Abuja andNigeria - Community Based Poverty Reduction Project - AfricanEconomic Analysis 29 7 2 Social Impact Analysis Nigeria 2 NAME OF PROJECT : Community-based Poverty Reduction Project (CPRP) Abuja, Nigeria the cities to benefit from temporarily higher nominal wages in the urban sectorRural Poverty Among Women in Nigeria: A Case Study of AbujaThis study assessed rural poverty among women in Nigeria, taking Abuja In the course of the study, related literature on poverty and poverty reduction Table 4 6 Shops demolished by the Abuja City Government---------------123 A critical analysis of this statistics illuminates a potential danger and threat to the countryUrbanization in Nigeria: From Oil to Cities: Nigeria s NextDuring structural adjustment in the 1980s and 1990s, Nigerian cities levels of poverty in cities and towns, although the reduction has been limited Urban dwellers are seeking safety in Abuja Federal Capital Territory and other state capitals urbanization is not uniform across the country, and spatial analysis indicatesNigeria: Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper -- National Economic - IMFPoverty Reduction Strategy Papers (PRSPs) are prepared by member countries in broad Abuja, Nigeria major thrusts of NEEDS are what Nigeria needsimpact of globalisation on poverty reduction in nigeriaIMPACT OF GLOBALISATION ON POVERTY REDUCTION IN NIGERIA OYEWALE I O an equally large number of essays in terms of definition, measurement, and policies Also, Maxwell The poverty incidence is much higher in rural areas than in cities, although there is an ongoing Gwagwalada, Abuja Obadan