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Sincelarge areas of woodland may be managed like this, but in small‘panels’ to ensure a crop is available each year, goodNightingale habitat is assured every year.

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Humans and other vertebrates have red-colored blood running...

This is certainly a very important function of the song and the factthat the birds stop singing early on in the season is a sure sign thatthe importance of territory and mate finding lessens later.

Before coming to the question of common ancestry of birds...

As one reads this poem of John Keats, the overwhelming feeling is the envy the poet feels toward the nightingale and his song. He compared the carefree life of the bird to the pain, suffering and mortality of men. He continually referred to Greek gods and mythology when speaking of the nightingale as somehow the Bird possessed magical powers.

In our race to make this world a better place in terms of...

Agnes, and Other Poems" The volume also contains the unfinished "Hyperion," and three poems considered among the finest in the English language, "Ode on a Grecian Urn," "Ode on Melancholy," and "Ode to a Nightingale." He was never recognized till after he died.

John's Death
In 1819 he contracted tuberculosis (the same disease his mom died of) The fragment "Hyperion" was considered by Keats's contemporaries to be his greatest achievement, but by that time he had reached an advanced stage of his disease and was too ill to be encouraged.

Goat is a mammal that belongs...

A domesticated form the wild goat of...

The Soul’s retaken moments—
When, Felon led along,
With shackles on the plumed feet,
And staples, in the Song,
The Horror welcomes her, again,
These, are not brayed of Tongue—

A centuries old friend of man in the...

Centipedes and millipedes are both arthropods from the group...

Many a Robin thrills insomniac Londoners provokedby lights and most usually singing in the late winter or early spring- when any self-respecting Nightingale is still lolling in the warmthof the tropical sun!

Hyenas belong to the order carnivora and family hyaenidae. Although it has...

Centipedes and millipedes are both arthropods from the group...

Nightingale, owing to its large distribution in England, is regarded as an English bird. It is common sight in woods, parks and grounds. Nightingales also inhabit other countries like Portugal, Spain, Persia, Arabia, Austria, Hungary and Africa. It is also the national bird of Iran.