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comprise the main body of Mill’s writings specifically on political and social theory, including and his most valued contributions to this area. Given his abiding interest in the application of theory to experience, and the testing of theory by experience, and given also his view of the “consensus” that obtains in social states, it is impossible to isolate essays that deal only with political and social theory, or to include in one volume (or even in several) all his essays that touch on such matters. Perhaps the most obviously necessary exclusions in a volume of this kind are the final Books of the and the both of which are essential to an understanding of Mill’s ideas. The decision to include or exclude particular essays is in large measure a pragmatic one, and students of Mill’s political and social thought will want to refer, to some of his essays and newspaper writings on economics, on particular political and social events, and on law and equality, which will be found in other volumes of the The main characteristics determining the selection of the essays in this volume are the focus on abiding and theoretical questions, and thematic interdependence.

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Mass media is a distinctive element of today’s society

Two years after Mill founded the Utilitarian Society, Bentham and a few friends launched the as an official organ for utilitarian ideas. In its first four years (1824-28) Mill, despite his youth, was a frequent contributor on a wide range of themes, which he treated in the spirit of utilitarian orthodoxy. He criticized the follies of aristocratic rule in Britain and Ireland, the illusions of chivalry formerly associated with aristocracy, the vested interests of great landowners in corn and game laws, and the ills of a faulty journalism. He strove to liberate the English press from the trammels of an abused and arbitrary law of libel and the burden of press duties. Mill like his father and other contemporary Radicals saw in the freedom of the press the essential instrument for mobilizing opinion, breaking down resistance to reform, and creating that degree of popular discontent which would compel the aristocratic government to make substantial concessions. He was naturally inspired by his father’s famous essay on “Liberty of the Press,” first published in 1821 as a supplement to the He accepted his parent’s uncompromising belief that no special laws should exist to hamper the freedom of newspapers to print facts and advance opinions to protect the people against the tyranny of a government.

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The media is the collective entity of newspapers, radio, television and the international network. The media plays a very important role in national development. ‘Nation-building’ is multidimensional. It involves the change or even the advancement of any nation aimed at improving the political, economic and the social lives of the people. The real touch of the media impact is dependent on the media themselves, the society in which they operate and the audience they are able to reach. All in all the factors outlined are not the same everywhere. For example, the media operating in a dictatorship type of a government is not as liberal as that media operating in a democratic society. Even in nations whose media exercise similar rights other factors such as technology, target audience and the topics being addressed may affect the extent of media impact in the society (blurtit, 2009).

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Newspapers focus on social and political evils prevailing in the society.

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The Role of Media in the Society Media has always played a huge role in our society.

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