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I had forgotten that John Dehner narrated THE TRUTH ABOUT MOTHER GOOSE. I wish this good, durable actor had penned a little essay about his early experiences as an animator at Disney.

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While both descriptive and narrative essays are similar in many ways, the descriptive essays use of language fully immerses the reader into the story and allows the reader to feel the intended emotion....

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The Story of London Bridge
Almost word-for-word from the Peet script, this excerpt from Mother Goose Rhymes and Their Stories contains a humorous aside heard in the TV version with Ludwig Von Drake: the wisecrack about London Bridge being named “Charcoal Lane” after the fire (Von Drake called it “Charcoal Street”).

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Thank you for this elaborate description, Mr.. Ehrbar! I did not see THE TRUTH ABOUT MOTHER GOOSE when it was in theaters (though I am old enough that I *could* have). My introduction to it was via the TV airing. I did not buy the related lps, but I DID buy the comic book (and still have it to this day). This famous background to nursery rhymes fascinated me from the first time that I saw it!

and the tales written by the French salon writers appeared under the pseudonym Mother Goose.

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Released in February, 1969. Executive Producer: Jimmy Johnson. Producer/Arranger: Camarata. Writers: Bill Peet, Jimmy Johnson. Harpsichord Soloist: Amidav Aloni. Running Time: 38 minutes. (Originally Released in 1963 as “Tales of Mother Goose Volume Three” DQ-1247.)

In the mid-fifties, a poetry and science fiction fan teamed up with a pen illustrator to produce The Space Child's Mother Goose

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I recall the one Mother Goose Rhyme, Mary Mary Quite Contrary was based on Mary, Queen of Scots. And I was surprised that Georgie Porgie was based on the adulterous womanizing George Villers Duke of Buckingham.

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Perhaps to add some perceived value to the 1969 Storyteller version (or to make it more child-friendly), one added track starts off the disc: Ginny Tyler talking and singing about the “Play at Home Rhythm Band.” This is an excerpt from More Mother Goose, where is sounds right at home. But on Mother Goose Rhymes and Their Stories, this segment starts the album off on the wrong note, so to speak. Tyler had been directed to communicate to a much younger audience than Moore was, so the two just don’t blend. Hearing this at the beginning of the album gives an incorrect impression about the other 90% to follow.