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Until the 1970s, analytic studies of karma were essentially nonexistent. However, nonanalytic (and decidedly idiosyncratic) studies from the late 19th and early 20th centuries were abundant, though these were nearly always terribly misguided. is a good example of this (see also the entries under ). A series of conferences held in the United States beginning in 1976 led to the publication of two important volumes of collected studies: , which emphasizes the study of karma through textual sources, and , which emphasizes the anthropological dimension. Another volume of collected essays, , builds on but moves outside “classical” Indian textual categories and even places some emphasis on the employment of the concept of karma in the West. , an uneven collection, brings together essays that explore the philosophical side of karma (see ). treads lightly through a number of texts and contexts, focusing on notions of how karma and its apparent polar opposite, liberation, are ultimately conjoined at some of the deepest levels of Indian thought. emphasizes the textual appearances of the karma doctrine and presents the only full scholarly treatment of the doctrine by a single author. , in a wide-ranging exploration of karma, boldly looks at the appearance of karmalike conceptualizations in the afterlife beliefs in non-Indic societies and elicits a developmental model for the Indian karma doctrine. presents a brief yet comprehensive overview of karma as it appears in a number of different milieus, both textual and nontextual.

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A brief essay, but comprehensive in scope. Examines karma’s origins but also considers the representation of karma in the epics, Hindu lawbooks, and puranas, as well as the intersection of karma with other fundamental elements of Indian thought, such as duty, fate, and divine intervention.

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Mirabai is said to have been devoted to Krishna from a very early age, and in one of her poems she asks, "O Krishna, did You ever rightly value my childhood love?" As her father was away much of the time, she was then sent to be raised at her grandfather’s house.

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1837 - 1914 Maulana Altaf Hussain Hali was an Urdu poet and Writer

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You are not alone on this wind-rush march,

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