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Immigration is not undermining the American experiment; it is anintegral part of it. We are a nation of immigrants. Successivewaves of immigrants have kept our country demographically young,enriched our culture and added to our productive capacity as anation, enhancing our influence in the world.

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immigration system equipped to handle the increased flow of unaccompanied migrant children

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We must do whatever is necessary to stop potentially dangerouspeople at the border. Law-enforcement and intelligence agenciesmust work closely with the State Department, the Immigration andNaturalization Service (INS) and U.S. Customs to share real-timeinformation about potential terrorists. Computer systems must beupgraded and new technologies adopted to screen out the bad guyswithout causing intolerable delays at the border. More agents needto be posted at ports of entry to more thoroughly screen forhigh-risk travelers. We must bolster cooperation with ourneighbors, Canada and Mexico, to ensure that terrorists cannot slipacross our long land borders.

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Children, infants and the elderly attempt to cross. The conditions are extreme and some people will go for days without food or water. According to the Human Rights National Commission of Mexico and American Civil Liberties Union, almost 5,000 people have died attempting to crossing the border between 1994 and 2007.

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At home, the Whigs of the north complained bitterly about the war. Many questioned Polk's methods as misleading and unconstitutional. Abolitionists rightly feared that southerners would try to use newly acquired lands to expand slavery. Antiwar sentiment emerged in New England much as it had in the War of 1812. Writer Henry David Thoreau was sentenced to prison for refusing to pay the taxes he knew were used to fund the war effort. His essay, , became a standard of peaceful resistance for future activists.

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The barrier has been criticized for being easy to get around. Some methods include digging under it, sometimes using complex tunnel systems, climbing the fence and using wire cutters to remove barbed-wire or locating and digging holes in vulnerable sections of the border. Many people have also traveled by boat through the Gulf of Mexico, the Pacific Coast or fly in and overstay their visas.

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The attack on Mexico proper was left to two other commanders. Zachary Taylor crossed the Rio Grande with his troops upon Polk's order. He fought Santa Anna's troops successfully on his advance toward the heart of Mexico. delivered the knockout punch. After invading Mexico at Vera Cruz, Scott's troops marched to the capital, Mexico City. All that remained was negotiating the terms of peace.

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After the first transcontinental railroad was completed, immigrants who entered the US at immigration checkpoints on the Eastern Seaboard such as Ellis Island began using the train system to migrate west. In fact, the railroad companies themselves promoted such plans, because increased population in the west meant more business for railroads. One vivid example of this phenomenon is in Kansas, where the marketing campaign of railroads led to the influx of European, Russian, Mexican, and African immigrants only a decade after murderous conflicts in "bloody Kansas" had presaged the American Civil War. Railroads, then, were the means by which the population of western states increased dramatically due to the creation of new immigrant settlements and the westward migration of native-born Americans.