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Personification- an inanimate object given a human quality (absorb the landscape) Element of Fiction Always to Remember: The Vision of Maya Ying Lin Higher Order Vocabulary Criteria - Standards or tests by which something can be judged
Registrants - People who register to participate in something
Harmonious - Combined in a pleasing, orderly arrangement
Anonymously - With the name withheld or secret
Eloquent - Fluent, forceful, and persuasive
Unanimous - Agreeing completely, united in opinion
Prominent - Widely and favorably known
Conception - An original idea, design, plan, etc.
Superbly - Admirably fine or excellent
Forthright - Straightforward; direct; straight to the point
Cenotaph - A monument erected in memory of a deceased person
Continuity - State or quality of being continuous
Co-valedictorian - Graduating student who shares the position of valedictorian, ranking highest academically in their graduating class Characters: Jan Scruggs (created conception of Vietnam War Memorial), Robert Doubek & John Wheeler (lawyers supporting Sruggs's idea), H.

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- between Washington Monument and Lincoln MemorialMaya goes to France to study architecture P.

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In 1980, the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Foundation set up a design competition to any U.S citizen 18 years of age or older to design a memorial. The winner was an undergraduate at Yale University named Maya Ying Lin.

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Maya Lin: Systematic Landscapes The Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego).
Maya Lin explores landscape as both form and content, as well as the role technology plays in visualizing and transforming our world.

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Ross Perot ($160,000 contributor to memorial), Maya Ying Lin (Yale University student, contest winner), Professor Andrus Burr (Maya's teacher), Sir Edwin Lutyens (Maya's inspiration) Plot:
Vietnam War is in the 1960s and 70s - 58,000 U.S.

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In 1996, a documentary chronicling her work, “Maya Lin, A Strong Clear Vision,” won the academy award for best documentary. Lin is a National Medal of the Arts winner and was elected to the National Women’s Hall of Fame. In 2016, she was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom by President Barack Obama, the nation’s highest civilian honor.

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During the ceremony, President Obama said, “The Vietnam Veterans Memorial has changed the way we think about monuments, but also about how we think about sacrifice, and patriotism, and ourselves. Maya’s pieces have changed the landscape of our country and influenced the dialogue of our society, never more profoundly than with her tribute to the Americans who fell in Vietnam by cutting a wound into the Earth to create a sacred place of healing in our Nation’s capital.”