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Many couples believe-mistakenly-that cohabitation will lower their risk of divorce. This is an understandable misconception, since many people are the children of divorce, or have other family members or friends who have divorced. Other reasons for living together include convenience, financial savings, companionship and security, and a desire to move out of their parents house.

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The APHA’s brief for same-sex marriage offers both weak evidence and an unjustified policy recommendation. It is therefore an excellent illustration of how advocates gild their political positions with the veneer of science. Call it the “science-gilding” of public policy.

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No because whos too say that they will be together forever. they could end up sliplting up and the other person might get kicked out and could possibly have a hard time getting back on their feet.

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Isn't One Wife Enough? by Kimball Young, p. 396.

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, Section CI, p. 251, Book of Commandments, Joseph Smith Papers

Even after the passage of the 1862 Morrill Act, the Mormon Church continued to practice polygamy in violation of the law for another half-century, and repeatedly challenged those laws. So anyone who argues that "The Mormons stopped practicing polygamy when it was made illegal" is either misinformed or misrepresenting the truth.

Times and Seasons (LDS-owned newspaper):

The property in which you live is either owned jointly or by one or the other. If it is in the name of one person it is extremely difficult for the other to claim any interest in it even if you have been living together for some considerable time. This does come as a surprise to many people.

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Preliminary Results, Speculative Studies, and No Control Groups

Warren Parrish, the secretary of Joseph for a period of time, told Benjamin Johnson that he and Oliver Cowdery knew the report of an affair between Joseph and the girl to be true, for they "were spied upon and found together." (, 1903.)

I guess it comes down to whether a marriage is more than more free milk.

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It appears that Joseph Smith literally stole other men's wives and their children, regardless of whether he had sex with them or not. What right did he have to do that? Was he simply taking advantage of his authority as prophet?

Why were these wanted posters made for the LDS leaders of the Church? Because polygamy was illegal.

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In short, the public health case for same-sex marriage relies on weak and speculative evidence. It is not implausible that marriage policy could have an impact on public health, but to cite that theory as fact is to science-gild the debate.