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See procedures developed by the Coalition for Essential Schools aimed at recapturing the "small community" environment and the focus on learner development. Contact Coalition of Essential Schools, Brown University, Education Department, Box 1938, Providence RI 02912 for their newsletter, Horace

- Free"General history of the Civil War."

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- Free "Who was present and cognizant of the events narrated."

1) Daily Updates.
Genealogy can become stale to most online researchers... I'm dedicated to providing daily updates on the newest genealogy sites and data online. To quickly access this data, just visit this page daily and look at the "new Genealogy" below...

- Free"With full reports of all important proceedings."

2) Genealogy Help
Most researchers just want data... and a lot of it. But what do you do with that data once you find it? How can that data help you in your research? It's not just about collecting names, it about recording your heritage! And putting all the pieces together in the right place requires a skill set... visit this area when you hit a brick wall in your research!

- FreeMultiple volumes on the history of California, including Governors, The Jesuits, etc.

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Smith uses the terms "uppers" , "middles" and "lowers", respectively for what we are calling here "powerholders", "implementers" and "lowers". An analysis of his terminology shows the identity of the two sets of terms.

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McGregor is ambivalent as to whether Theory X management elicits Theory X behavior or vice versa. See Michael A. Oliker, "Douglas McGregor's Theory Y and the Structure of Educational Institutions", Dissertation Abstracts International

Kenneth E. Boulding, ( New York, Harper Torchbooks, 1963) p. 145.

Luther Gulick's work is summarized in March and Simon, p.41. Also see Luther Gulick "Notes on the Theory of Organization" in Jay M. Shafritz and Albert C. Hyde (eds.) Classics of Public Administration

- Free Written in 1916, about the London Rifle Brigade and compiled regimentally.

- Free"From its first settlement, to 1882."

For years Genealogy Gateway acted as a conduit to genealogy information online. As the years passed, however, the backend of the site became restrictive to further development, making the old Genealogy Gateway obsolete. Today, I've created a new WEB 2.0 design and interface, with a clear mandate to once again become your gateway to genealogy online!

- Free"With illustrations an biographical sketches of their prominent men and pioneers."

- Free General history of Naseby, England and Northampton County.

- Free
"Her people, industries and institutions. With biographical sketches of representative citizens and genealogical records of many of the old families."

- Free "Being a Contribution to the History of Hailes, County Gloucester Manor, Parish and Abbey."

Propriety, community, nurture

Cf. Richard Weatherley and Michael Lipsky, "Street-Level Bureaucrats and Institutional Innovation: Implementing Special Education Reform" Harvard Educational Review