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It is believed that reign of King Louis XIV was reputably famous as one of 'Absolute government', primarily because the King had his own particular and dominating style of governing the nation.

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By analyzing Louis XIV, Napoleon, and Elizabeth I, one can gain a clear view of the disadvantages of monarchy and absolutism referring to its irresponsibility, uncertainty, and collapsibility between the dispersal of rights and responsibilities.

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As the model for the rest of European powers that wanted to achieve absolutist rule, Louis XIV achieved his goals (of one king, one law, and one faith) very well.

Louis XIV was a very powerful monarch who symbolized absolute monarchy and helped France gain great power.
The reigns of Henry IV and Louis XIV proved repeatedly that Bossuet's statement truly reflected absolute monarchy.

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Absolutism declared that the king ruled though divine right with a legitimate claim to sole and uncontested authority (French State Building and Louis XIV).

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