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As a judge, Wargrave develops a horrific plan that follows the nursery rhyme, "Ten Little Indians" to seek justice on the ones who have killed but have not yet received any retribution for their wrongdoing.

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*Deaths continue according to the poem*Justice Wargrave was shot in the head, Dr.

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On Soldier Island, Justice Wargrave gets to play God. They are all at his mercy: he gets to pick exactly how each person dies and how they suffer beforehand. Because he believes that Vera committed the most egregious crime, he makes her remember it by planting seaweed in her bedroom and forcing her to live the longest and then commit suicide. Lombard even picks up on Wargrave’s power-tripping and correctly deduces that he’s the killer:

Justice Wargrave plots to kill them all for the murders they committed without facing consequences from the authorities.

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In Agatha Christie's And Then There Were None, despite his actions for justice, Justice Wargrave abandons his ideals as a judge and turns into an iniquitous maniac as he violently punishes people for the sake of their crime.

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Ouch. That irony is as a sharp as a knife. (Or .) Justice Wargrave, after all, is a egomaniacal murderer who believes that he can fully control all the people around him. On Soldier Island, he’s created his own version of the world where everyone gets the justice that they deserve. Justice Wargrave isn’t just content with punishing people based on the word of the law. He wants to make sure that every single person who does what he deems “wrong” gets his or her just desserts. Sound like any writers you know?

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Among the eight are a judge (Justice John Wargrave), doctor (Edward James Armstrong), military general (General John Macarthur), former inspector/current private detective (William Blore), mercenary (Phillip Lombard), young rich athlete (Tony Marston), religious woman (Emily Brent), and a schoolteacher (Vera Claythorne)...

Among the eight are a judge (Justice John Wargrave), doctor (Edward James Armstrong), ..

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Constance Culmington, he reflected to himself, was exactly the sort of woman who would buy an island and surround herself with mystery! Nodding his head in gentle approval of his logic, Mr. Justice Wargrave allowed his head to nod… (1.7)

Justice Wargrave is the administrator of the law and the killings on ..

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The other similarity between maniacal murders and writers is that they all have a little something of a god-complex. In one scene, Justice Wargrave says: