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57 See Haaretz, April 24, 2004 where Israeli deputy ambassador to UN,Arye Mekel complained that criticisms "only enhance suspicions ...Iinking us with Iraq where we have no business", and Nathan Guttman,I'Prominent US Jews and Israel Blamed for Start of Iraq War", Haaretz,May 31, 2004.

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closely with the neoconservatives in the Pentagon and the vice president'soffice to shape the intelligence about Iraq and coordinate the drive towar.

The invasion became known as the Iraq War or Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Not to be outdone, Martin Kramer, a research fellow at WINEP, claimsthat any attempt to link Israel and the lobby with the war in Iraq is "simplya falsehood," arguing that "in the year preceding the Iraq War,Israel time and again disagreed with the United States, arguing that Iranposed the greater threat.173 But as shown above, Israel's concerns aboutIran never led it to undertake a significant effort to halt the march towar. To the contrary, top Israeli officials were doing everything in theirpower to make sure that the United States went after Saddam and did notget cold feet at the last moment. They considered Iraq a serious threatand were convinced that Bush would deal with Iran after he finished withIraq. They might have preferred that America focus on Iran before Iraq,but as Kramer admits, Israelis "shed no tears over Saddam's demise."Instead, their leaders took to the American airwaves, wrote op-eds, testifiedbefore Congress, and worked

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This policy changed after the first Gulf War, when the Clinton administrationadopted a strategy of "dual containment." Instead of using Iranand Iraq to balance each other - with the United States shifting sidesas needed - the new strategy called for stationing substantial Americanforces in the region to contain both of them at once. The father of dualcontainment was Martin Indyk, who first articulated the strategy in May1993 at WINEP and then implemented it as director for Near East and SouthAsian Affairs at the National Security Council.156 As Indyk's Brookingscolleague Kenneth Pollack observes, dual containment was a policy adoptedlargely in response to "Israel's security concerns." Specifically,Israel made it clear to the Clinton administration that it "was willingto move ahead in the peace process only if it felt reasonably secure"from Iran.157

Saddam Hussein was internationally known for using chemical weapons during the Iran-Iraq War.

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As my anger boils over in righteous indignation, I know that none of us comes away clean—none of us walks away without blood on our hands—the blood of children on our hands from this war. … Being a noncombatant does not exempt me from one iota of responsibility. … Urban warfare means children living in fear, children in tears, children orphaned, children wounded, and—God forgive us all—children killed. I will have to square my presence here in Iraq—my life in the military—with my soul and my God.

22. Quoted in Joyce Howard Price,

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163. James A. Baker III and Lee H. Hamilton, co-chairs, The Iraq StudyGroup Report (NewYork: Random House, 2006), xv, 28-29, 43 45, 50 58. TonyBlair, who repeatedly called for settling the Israeli-Palestinian conflict,and who favors negotiating with Iran and Syria, sald that the Iraq StudyGroup "offers a strong way forward." Quoted in Sheryl Gay Stolbergand Kate Zernike "Bush Expresses Caution on Key Points in Iraq Panel'sReport," New York Times, December 7, 2006. Also see Kirk Semple, "SyrianOfficial, in Iraq, Offers Assistance," New York Times, November 19,2006.

(1) Mearsheimer & Walt on the Iraq War - chapter 8 of their book(2) James Petras on the Iraq War - chapters 1 & 2 of his book

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At about the same time, the belief that spreading democracy across theMiddle East would pacify the entire area was beginning to take root withinneoconservative circles. A few neoconservatives had flirted with this ideain the wake of the Cold War, but it was not widely embraced until the latterpart of the 1990s.158 This line of thinking, of course, was evident inthe 1996 "Clean Break" study that a group of neoconservativeshad written for Netanyahu. By 2002, when invading Iraq had become a front-burnerissue, regional transformation had become an article of faith among neoconserva-tives, who, in turn, helped make it the centerpiece of U.S. foreign policy.159Thus, Israeli leaders, neoconservatives, and the Bush administration allsaw war with Iraq as the first step in an ambitious campaign to remakethe Middle East.