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Nature vs. Nurture Research Nature Vs Nurture In Intelligence Essay Paper. One of the Nature Vs Nurture In Intelligence Essay most persistent issues in the that has consistently been intertwined with the nature/nurture issue is intelligence.

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the popularity of mass media often has significant influences on people life . some people belive this to be a positive development .
to what extent do you agree or disagree ?

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His biggest early influences included Jewell, Martin and Ray Snell – a local blues trio, Stop and Fixit - a travelling blues duo (originally from GA but Fixit stayed and passed away in Dothan) and local musician Blind Murphy. Eddie ran off with one of the medicine shows that came through Dothan, The Silas Green Sugar Girls.

In relation to that, some researchers have claimed that it is the family environment that influences the hyperactivity of children (Schmitz, 2003).

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If environment affects the regulation of gene expression and, in turn, the activity of neurotransmitters that modulate behavior, this kind of interaction may be a significant factor in the development of criminal and antisocial behavior.Jones's argument regarding the extent to which environmental and genetic factors influence antisocial and criminal behavior in childhood versus adulthood seems somewhat incomplete.

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However, I think a more complete explanation of neurochemical influences is that they reflect the complex interactions between genetics and environment.

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Most adoption studies examine the correlation between criminality in the biological parents of adopted children, but what about the correlation between the children and their adopted parents who are crucial to their environment?I agree with Jones that the influence of neurochemicals on criminal and antisocial behavior are indicative of a genetic component to such behaviors.

It would be interesting to see whether any studies with adopted children have examined the role of environment in criminal behavior.

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On the other hand, it is common knowledge that not all children possess the same intellectual abilities for learning grammar and vocabularies of a new language, exposed to them. The mother-tongue of Mauritian children is creole language. Various teachers have observed that Candidates, at primary level, tend to use creole vocabularies in their French essays. Moreover, certain countries may face an increase in their educational budget expenditure, as additional staffs dispensing foreign language education , will have to be recruited.

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Genetic and Environmental Influences on Criminal Behavior

A significant point that should be known however is the fact that other research has supported the notion that genetics do influence levels of aggression, which stands in opposition to the social learning theory (Miles & Carey, 1997).There are theories, however, concerning genetic and environmental influences, which seem to suggest an interaction between the two and one such theory is the general arousal theory of criminality.

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Thus, although it is true that adults have more control over their current environment, I believe that they are still heavily influenced by both their current environment and by past exposure to environmental factors.The social learning theory is a good way to explain the influence of environment on antisocial behavior in children, and does not necessarily have to oppose the notion of genetic influence on behavior as well.