If God exists, then we are accountable to Him for our actions.

(1) I don't understand evolution; I mean how could there be nothing then something?
(2) (Well-informed atheist gives articulate explanation of evolution and gently explains that the beginningof the universe has nothing to do with evolution.)
(3) Well it seems way too complicated and unlikely to me. Plus I don't want to live my life thinking I evolved from a monkey.
(4) Therefore, God exists and Jesus died for our sins.
(5) (Atheist argues that theist's ignorance of evolution does not logically lead to the conclusion that there is a god, let alone the Christian god.)
(6) Says you! God bless.
(7) Therefore, God exists.

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There are many arguments and explanations that explain if God truly does exist.

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Let us return for a moment to the objection that the ontologicalargument slides illicitly from the mental to the extramental realm. Wehave seen how Descartes responds to it, but it is related to anotherobjection that has come to be associated with Leibniz. Leibniz claimsthat Descartes' version of the ontological argument is incomplete. Itshows merely that if God's existence is possible or non-contradictory,then God exists. But it fails to demonstrate the antecedent of thisconditional (Robert Adams 1998, 135). To reinforce this objection, itis sometimes observed that the divine perfections (omnipotence,omniscience, benevolence, eternality, etc.) might be inconsistent withone another. This objection is related to the previous one in thatthe point in both cases is that Descartes' argument restricts us toclaims about the concept of God and lacks existential import. In orderto redress this issue himself, Leibniz formulates a different versionof the ontological argument (see Adams 1998, 141f).

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The key difference then between the idea of God on the one hand andthe idea of a necessarily existing lion is that the former can beclearly and distinctly perceived. For Descartes, it is just a brutefact that certain ideas can be clearly and distinctly perceived andothers cannot. Some critics have charged him with dogmatism in thisregard. Why should Descartes be allowed to legislate the scope of ourclear and distinct perceptions? Perhaps we can clearly and distinctlyperceive something that he could not.

It's a gift that you have, you just don't believe it.(3) Therefore, God exists.

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(1) Scientific American published an article that shows creationism is nonsense.
(2) The first editor of Scientific American was a Christian.
(3) Therefore, whoever wrote that article is a traitor and a liar.
(4) Besides, Scientific American didn't hire a creationist in the 70s, so they're obviously trying to persecute Christians.
(5) Therefore, God exists.

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(1) Answers in Genesis copied the full text of an article from Scientific American.
(2) Scientific American sent one email to Answers in Genesis saying that they don't necessarily wanttheir articles distributed for free in the internet by just anyone.
(3) See? Scientific American persecutes Christians!
(4) Therefore, God exists.

PRESUPPOSITIONALIST (I)(1) If reason exists then God exists.(2) Reason exists.(3) Therefore, God exists.

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(1) Chocolate is God's gift to humanity.
(2) Therefore, God exists.
(3) Now class, would anyone like to attempt an Argument From Beer?

Ph.D.-in-Evolutionary-Biology, this proves that evolution is an unsound scientific concept.(3) Therefore, God exists.


(1) Mel Gibson plays a reverend whose wife is horribly killed, and he loses his faith.
(2) The Earth is suddenly attacked, his family is terrorized, he loses two pets, and many people acrossthe globe presumably die.
(3) An alien grabs and terrorizes his son, injecting him with a poison. But with the help of said son's asthma,and the last words of his dead wife, he gets lucky and the kid doesn't quite die.
(4) Therefore, God exists.
4a) And don't you dare stop believing in him — otherwise, he might try to restore your faith by scaringthe hell out of you.

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why are you making me uncomfortable?
(4) Anyone who makes other people uncomfortable must be different. And bad. And ignorant.
(5) Daddy will hug me!
(6) Therefore, God exists.