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Picasso's Guernica was not just one single painting on its own, but a large scale project that included hundreds of study artworks in order to ensure that the final mural was the best that it could be.

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The second artwork is an oil painting referred to as Guernica. The painting was created by a Spanish artist known as Pablo Picasso. The event that resulted in the creation of this painting is the attack of Guernica city by German bombers. By the end of the attack, 75% of the buildings had been destroyed while a third of the population was either wounded or killed. The truth emerged that these actions were as a result of the German air force training mission. More than One million protestors flocked in Paris, and Picasso started to create sketches of these atrocities.

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The figure falling across the Harlequin's face which is often assumed to be a woman, in fact bears a strong resemblance to Picasso, who appears to be identifying with the victims of the bombing.
The next Harlequin image is again inverted and can be seen to the right of the previous Harlequin.He is identifiable from his patchwork costume and triangular hat and appears to be kneeling on the ground as if watching the puppet show taking place opposite.
The preoccupying theme of Guernica is of course death; reinforcing this, in the centre of the painting is a hidden skull which dominates the viewer's subliminal impressions.The skull is shown sideways and has been ingeniously overlaid onto the body of the horse, which is also a death symbol.

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When Josep Luis Sert, the Catalan architect who later taught at Harvard, organized the Spanish pavilion at the 1937 Paris World's Fair, he commissioned Picasso and Miró to create murals for it. Incensed by the German air raid that Gen. Francisco Franco had ordered to destroy the Basque town of Guernica, Picasso painted what is probably the best-known political painting of the 20th century. Turning once again to the Catalan peasant as his model, on six masonite panels, 18 feet by 12 feet overall, Miró painted (), a portrait of an anguished but defiant farmer. After the fair closed, this symbol of oppression was dismantled and shipped to Valencia, the wartime capital of the Spanish Republic. It was never found again.

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